Weiner, Spitzer must not be elected

August 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

As an American, it is a little sad that previously scandal-plagued politicians are running for office again with good success. The disgraced Mark Sanford easily won a congressional seat, and two other disgraced politicians (Weiner and Spitzer) are contending for important public offices. Americans seem to eager to forgive politicians for their dirty baggage. I know we should not judge anyone, but forgiving a person on a personal level does not equal forgiving him on a professional level.

Public office is a professional job. The title of Rep. or Senator or Mayor comes with a hefty purse and prestige. The person holding this office should and is expected to conduct in a proper manner. Also, we don’t know if these politicians have actually learned from their past mistakes. In the case of Anthony Weiner, he made headlines again when it was revealed that he continued to engage in inappropriate behavior even after his last scandal. If he is elected to the mayoral office (of the largest city in United States), what kind of message would we be sending? 

I say no second chance for these politicians. Americans must send a message that politicians are no more elite than ordinary citizens. They should look for another line of profession, which should not be so hard considering their “connections”. 


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