Daisy & Rose, Part I

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Based on a traditional folktale:

A couple was living happily with their young daughter Daisy until the wife fell seriously ill. Before she died, the wife asked her husband to quickly remarry so their daughter could have a new mother. The man fulfilled his late wife’s wish, marrying a widow who had a daughter named Rose from her previous marriage. The new wife treated Daisy like her real daughter, earning praise from neighbors and friends.

After the man fell bedridden, his wife became the de facto head of the household. It was then that she started to show her true colors. She had Daisy do all the heavy house chores and took away her new clothes.  Her own daughter, on the other hand, was adorned with fancy clothes and was permitted to go to school.

Time passed, the two girls grew up to become two attractive ladies. Rose, as her name suggested, was glamorous and sophisticated. Daisy was elegant and graceful.

To be continued……….


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Bowing Heads

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Bowing is synonymous with Japan. Most Japanese take the custom seriously and perform them with zeal. If you ever witness two Japanese bowing to each other, you would be stunned at how much force is used to execute this customary form of greetings. There are instances each year of people suffering moderate-to-serious head injuries, resulted from them bumping heads while bowing to each other. In some cases, these injuries have led to deaths.

Japanese bowers sometimes would try to outdo each other (not as a competition but as an expression of respect). A Japanese would bow to another Japanese. The recipient would respond by bowing lower. The other person would reciprocate by bowing even lower. This exchange continues until someone hits the ground or gives up.


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Life is a single leaf, floating restlessly in the air.
Oh little leaf, where are you headed?
Don’t you know your fellow leaves await?
The human heart is fickle like the winds of autumn.
What could we do but learn to forgive?
Hide sour tears in genial smiles.
Swallow pride to live passably.
What’s there to live but for a gleam of humanity?


Love is the agony of waiting.
Don’t make promises you will break.
Forlorn heart grows in disquietude.
Perplexed mind’s shrouded in distrust.
All I ask is a simple promise.
Grant my somber soul your genuine smile,
To banish sorrow for eternity.


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Where have flowers withered to?

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I seek love in the vast sea, but could not find salt for the heart.
Where have the solemn waves gone, leaving sand yearning for life?
I seek love in the spacious field, but could not find verdure for the soul.
Where have the flowers withered to, leaving land empty and crude?

I desperately search for love, only to find bitterness.
I wish to eat life’s sweet fruits, but have to accept sour seeds.
Why do I live in this world of emptiness?
Why is my life wasted in the cycle of sadness?

Only one who cried knows the bliss of laughter.
Only one who tasted loss knows the pain of loneliness.
Only one who suffered heartbreak knows the meaning of love.

I am just a hapless dory, floating quietly in the tumultuous sea.

San Diego Comic Con 2016

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I suddenly feel sad
In the middle of the night.
Am I sad because of the sound of raindrops
Or because of a nostalgic heart?
How I miss my mother’s bosom
And my father’s sturdy arms.
How I miss roaming streets with friends
On warm summer afternoons.
Gone are the days of childhood.
Lost is the pulse of my youth.

I remember my first love
Whom I met on a rainy night.
We shared an umbrella
Under menacing skies.
Her hair glistened in the dripping rain,
And her eyes sparkled like stars on a moonless night.
My love, where are you now?
Do you still remember your soulmate
Or was I just a puff of cloud on a clear-sky day?

I suddenly feel sad
In the middle of the night.
Am I sad because of the sound of raindrops
Or because of a nostalgic heart?

The Purple Sky, Part VI

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It was late afternoon when the bus reached the perimeter of the village. A young passenger suddenly screamed with delight, “The sky is purple!” Hien opened the window and looked outside. The sky was indeed purple, just like the one he saw when his unit left the village. The lavender fields that were destroyed in the war were now roaring back to life with their audacious colors.

Hien got off the bus and sprinted to the lavender fields. As he approached the field, he saw a woman harvesting the lavender flowers. She turned to him and greeted him with a smile. He smiled back to her and together they observed the lavender under the purple sky.

The End…