Blogs of Note: Project 100 Animals

June 26, 2008 § 2 Comments


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By chance, I stumbled upon a wonderful blog called Project 100 Animals. The site’s premise is exactly as indicated by its title. The author is attempting to draw one hundred different animals in the shortest time span possible; he has drawn 60 so far. At first sight, the drawings look ordinary and unattractive. But if you view them more carefully (at larger size), you will be mesmerized by the level of details exhibited by each drawing. Being a well-traveled person, I have seen more than my share of animals. I can say with certainty that these drawings accurately reflect many of the real animals they try to portray.

The very fact the artist has done all this using MS Paint is also quite impressive. Not all great artists are as masterful with MS Paint as they do with a paintbrush or a pencil. In addition to the great drawings, the blog also features videos (see below) showing how the finished sketches were drawn. If you are still unimpressed by what this young artist has to offer, the videos will definitely change your mind. The only drawback about this blog is the fact the author does not update it regularly. Regardless, a visit to the site is definitely worth your time.

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Blogs of Note: MadSilence

June 18, 2008 § 6 Comments

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Whether you are an art enthusiast or a causal fan of the arts, MadSilence is the perfect web destination for you. Founded by a dynamic father-daughter duo, the blog keeps you informed on the latest happenings and trends in the world of art. Each post is written in a way that is both entertaining and insightful.

Since the authors blog from two different locations (Japan & the United States), they offer the readers two unique perspectives – East & West. I have been a regular reader of MadSilence for a very long time; the blog has never ceased to amaze me with its wonderful insights – a rarity in the world of blogging. I highly recommend this blog and hope you will give it a shot.

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