Daisy & Rose, Part VII

November 4, 2016 § Leave a comment

“She is a filial daughter. If something was to happen to her father, she would come home immediately.” The stepmother said.

Daisy’s father suddenly passed away several days after her wedding. The stepmother sent Daisy the bad news and invited her to come home to attend her father’s funeral.  Although she was suspicious of the stepmother’s intention, Daisy could not miss out on seeing her father for the last time.

When the princess consort returned home, she was greeted enthusiastically by her stepmother and stepsister. The two pleaded her to forgive their previous wrongs. Daisy took it as a sincere gesture and forgave them. After the father’s funeral, the stepmother threw a private feast in Daisy’s honor. Little that Daisy knew, she was stepping into a trap set by the wicked stepmother and stepsister. The two put sleeping drugs in her drink which rendered her immobile. They then carried her to the river in the darkness of night and released her body into the water.

To be continued……….


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