Daisy & Rose, Part V

October 25, 2016 § Leave a comment

After Daisy disclosed to her what happened, she told her to wait for her and left. She came back a half hour later, accompanied by several villagers. These people had observed Daisy since she was little and were dissatisfied with the stepmother’s poor treatment of her. After they heard about Daisy’s current situation from the old woman, they were eager to help her out. In no time, the beans were properly sorted. When one villager saw that Daisy only had old and dirty clothes, he gave her one of his daughter’s dresses.

Daisy washed her body and put on the dress. Everyone was stunned at how beautiful she was. They already knew she was a beauty, but this was many times greater than they had imagined.

When Daisy entered the festival, all eyes were set on her. The stepmother and Rose were absolutely baffled when they saw her — partly because they did not expect her to attend the festival and mostly because of her beauty.

“Who is her?” People whispered to themselves. “Her beauty may even surpass the moon fairy.”

The prince was mesmerized by her beauty and instantly fell in love with her. He boldly came to her and asked her to dance with him. Daisy accepted and the glamorous pair moved to the music.

To be continued……….


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