Daisy & Rose, Part IV

October 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

“You must finish sorting the beans before you could go to the festival.” The wicked woman said. “If I caught you cheating, I will throw both you and your ailing father out of the house!”

After her stepmother and stepsister left for the festival, Daisy broke down and cried. She knew that it would be impossible for her to finish sorting the beans in time to attend the festival. Her cry was heard by a neighbor who came over to check on her.

“My dear Daisy, why are you crying?” The old woman asked.

After Daisy disclosed to her what happened, she told her to wait for her and left. She came back a half hour later, accompanied by several villagers. These people had observed Daisy since she was little and were dissatisfied with the stepmother’s poor treatment of her. When they heard about Daisy’s current situation from the old woman, they were eager to help her out. In no time, the beans were properly sorted. When one villager saw that Daisy only had old and dirty clothes, he gave her one of his daughter’s dresses.

To be continued……….


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