Daisy & Rose, Part III

October 18, 2016 § Leave a comment

One day, the kingdom’s monarch proclaimed a festival inviting all unmarried ladies in his kingdom and their parents to attend. The aging king wanted to use the opportunity to find a suitable wife for the crown prince.

The ambitious Rose saw this as a golden opportunity to marry the prince and become a future queen. With her beauty and intelligence, she would be the prime candidate. The only person who could snatch this chance away from her was Daisy. Rose pleaded to her mother to stop her stepsister from attending the festival at all costs.

After much thought, the stepmother came up with a trick to keep Daisy from attending the festival. She mixed green beans and black beans into a huge basket and told her to sort the beans by color.

“You must finish sorting the beans before you could go to the festival.” The wicked woman said. “If I caught you cheating, I will throw both you and your ailing father out of the house!”

To be continued…..


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