Daisy & Rose, Part II

October 17, 2016 § Leave a comment

Time passed, the two girls grew up to become two attractive ladies. Rose, as her name suggested, was glamorous and sophisticated. Daisy was elegant and graceful.

Despite her clothes dirtied from working, Daisy attracted more attention from the people of the village (especially the young men) than her stepsister. Rose was confused and frustrated.

“What do people see in a hick like her?” She thought to herself.

Rose went to complain to her mother, who consoled her and promised to avenge her. The stepmother ordered Daisy to switch from housework to labor work, tending the farm from dawn to dusk. Despite her body muddied from working in the field and her hands slightly rugged from heavy labor, she continued to attract attention to the dismay of her stepmother.

One day, the kingdom’s monarch proclaimed a festival inviting all unmarried ladies in his kingdom and their parents to attend. The aging king wanted to use the opportunity to find a suitable wife for the crown prince.

To be continued……….


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