Sword of Fury – Chapter III, Part 11

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The boulder was tied to several large ropes that hung on nearby trees. It was acting like a pendulum, swinging back and forth. Song threw a small blade boomerang at the ropes severing them from the boulder. The giant rock tumbled onto the ground and kept rolling until it crashed into the trees. Song withdrew her whip and acrobatically landed on the ground. But before she could gain a reprieve, another floating boulder suddenly appeared behind her. Song did not anticipate the second boulder and was not in a position to dodge.

The man with the jade spear recognized that his leader was in trouble. He swiftly moved toward the boulder and punched his spear at the giant rock. The spear’s blade pierced through the boulder, generating enough force to vanquish the rock into thousands of small fragments.

Observing from a bush close by were Jin, Boju and Daichin. Leveraging his prodigious strength, Daichin had been controlling the floating boulders under the direction of Jin, who architected the pendulum contraption.

Jin turned to Boju and said, “The guy with the jade spear is the most powerful fighter among the pursuers. His weapon is also quite potent. I think we have to go with our backup plan.”

Boju nodded in agreement and made a quick signal to Daichin.

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Sword of Fury – Chapter III, Part 10

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“Something must have happened to those men. It was probably one of his clever contraptions.” The man with the jade spear told the leader.

“What should we do now?”

“We should set the temple on fire. He will have to come out or die inside.”

Lady Song agreed with the suggestion. She had her archers shoot flaming arrows at the temple. Soon enough, the building was covered with flames.

A floating boulder suddenly appeared and aimed directly at Song. She swiftly dodged the boulder, but her men were unable to avoid it being knocked off to all directions.

The boulder slammed into the burning temple, dispersing sparks all over the area. After a second of idleness, the boulder started to move in the reverse direction, once again targeting the leader.

The young lady drew her long whip and stuck it tightly to a tall tree branch nearby, which allowed her to elevate over the boulder. It was then that she realized the trick behind the floating boulder.

Sword of Fury – Chapter III, Part 9

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“My friend here has many talents. One of them is to be able to hear sound from many li away. He has never been wrong.”

Jin turned to Daichin and smiled. “If I could borrow some of your talents, I think we will be able to defeat my pursuers.”

It was dark when the pursuers finally reached the temple. They dismounted their horses, lighted up torches and barricaded the main path to the temple. The leaders of the armed riders appeared to be a girl dressed in white satin and a man in his early thirties holding a jade spear.

“Lady Song, we have detected his scent in this area. He is probably inside the abandoned temple.” One of the riders said.

The girl ordered a half dozen of her subordinates to enter the temple looking for the wanted man. Twenty minutes later, the men had yet to come back out. There was an eerie silence coming from inside from the temple.

“Something must have happened to those men. It was probably one of his clever contraptions.” The man with the jade spear told the leader.

Prince Charming

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I fall in love with a dreamer,

Who mistakes me for a Prince Charming.

But I am neither Prince Charming

Nor a superhero of the Modern Age.

I am just an ordinary person

Without riches, fame and good looks.

I possess no special powers

To rescue her from the mundane.

All I can offer is a loyal heart

That will love her till the end of days.


Will you accept my humble love?

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