Nostalgia for the Jungle

March 11, 2016 § Leave a comment

Long live days of yore!

Lush green, thick vines,
What a beauty!

Free to roam,
Roar without qualms.

Some days full,
Some days starved.

O what a life!
Was it a dream?

How I long for days foregone.


Once a king of the jungle,
now a hapless prisoner
befriending stoic cats,
neighboring petty bears.

How I loathe those curious eyes
treating me like a toy,
a visual spectacle.

How I loathe those arrogant souls
wanting to be my equals,
taunting me at every turn.

How I loathe Nature’s wannabes:
the static scenery, well-trimmed grass & misplaced rocks.

To whomever brought me to this land:
give me back my dignity.

Set me free!

~All poems are archived at STORYTERRA.COM


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