Tales of Daji – Episode 4

March 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

Duke Wen and his eldest son Yikao visited the imperial capital to pay tribute to the emperor. Daji took a romantic interest in the handsome Yikao, but was coldly rejected. It happened that the emperor was envious of Wen, who was widely admired for his virtues. Daji took advantage of this rift to plot her revenge. She falsely accused the son of making advances toward her. The emperor believed her words and hastily executed the young man without giving him a chance to profess his innocence.

When Duke Wen learned of his beloved son’s demise, he was drowned in sorrow. However, he dared not to complain for that would be treasonous against the emperor. Wen’s muted response agigated Emperor Zhou, because he was looking for an excuse to get rid of him as well. Daji offered the emperor a scheme to trap the duke.

“Your majesty, invite him to an imperial banquet and stealthily serve him a dish made from his son’s flesh. If he refuses to eat it, you can frame him for treason. If he eats it, spread words around the empire that he ate his son’s flesh. Either way, his virtuous reputation will be shattered.”

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