Tales of Daji – Episode 3

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Imperial Uncle Bi Gan was a man known for his rectitude and loyalty. It was said that he was born with a sage’s heart. When speculative words about Bi’s heart reached Daji, they aroused her curiosity. She pretended to have fallen ill and bribed the court’s physician to tell Emperor Zhou that only the heart of a righteous man could cure her illness.

Believing their lie, the emperor executed all the righteous men in the empire and brought their hearts to Daji. None of them could cure Daji’s faked illness however. It was then that the corrupt physician suggested Bi Gan’s heart would be able to cure Daji’s ailment.

“He is renown for his righteousness. There is no one greater.”

“But he is my uncle. If I forcefully extract his heart, what would my subjects think of me?” Emperor Zhou sighed.

“Your majesty, you should send words to him that you are seriously ill and only the heart of a royal blood could cure your illness. Bi Gan is extremely loyal to the empire. He will surely donate his own heart for your sake.”

The emperor took the physician’s advice and sent words to his uncle. As expected, Bi Gan killed himself and willed his heart to the emperor. When Bi’s heart was shown to Daji, she was severely disappointed. Unlike the rumors, it was just an ordinary heart.

“I faked my illness for nothing,” she murmured.


Tales of Daji – Episode 2

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Daji was the favorite concubine of the Shang emperor. She was infamous for her beauty and the atrocities brought about by her wild ideas.

Daji was one curious being who loved to gain hands-on knowledge of things. One time, she saw a street entertainer performing the old “walking on burning coals” trick. Impressed by the performance, Daji ordered the man’s feet cut off so she could study why his feet were not burned by the hot coals. Another time, Daji encountered a pregnant woman and became curious as to what was inside her womb.  She promptly ordered the woman’s belly be sliced open so she could see what was inside.

More on Daji’s terrible adventures on the next episode.

Tales of Daji – Episode 1

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Daji was the favorite concubine of the Shang emperor. She was infamous for her beauty and the atrocities brought about by her wild ideas.

It happened that the empress was a lady of great virtues. She was beloved for her uprightness and strong sense of justice. Daji found herself fascinated by the empress, leading her to devise a brilliant plan to test the empress’ virtues. First, she falsely accused the empress of treason. She then offered her leniency in exchange for an admittance of guilt. When the honorable empress refused the offer, Daji had the guards cut off both of her arms.

Despite great pain, the queen remained persistent in proclaiming her innocence. Daji decided to test her further by having the empress’ eyes forcefully removed.  To her surprise, the empress refused to give in even after such a cruel treatment. Daji was greatly impressed by the queen’s persistence; she finally reached the conclusion that the empress was indeed a virtuous woman and subsequently cleared her of all charges. Unfortunately, the queen would die soon after as a result of her fatal wounds.



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If I were to die today,
Would you still love me like yesterday?
Would you shed a tear for me?
Would you place white roses on my grave
In a snowy winter night?

If I am alive tomorrow,
Would you still love me like today?
Would you forgive my treacherous heart?
Would you smile upon my love letters
In a pleasant spring morning?

If we were to die today,
Would our hearts forever bind?

~all poems archived at STORYTERRA.COM

Sword of Fury – Chapter III, Part 8

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While Jin was still responding to the question, Daichin suddenly threw himself on the ground and appeared to be listening to something. After about one minute, he got up and informed Jin and Boju that a group of armed horse riders were heading to this temple.

“They should be here in three hours.” Daichin asserted.

Looking surprised, Jin turned to Boju and asked him how Daichin knew that. Jin’s bewildered expression amused Boju.

“My friend here has many talents. One of them is to be able to hear sound from several li away. He has never been wrong.”

Sword of Fury – Chapter III, Part 7

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The weapons found their way into the hands of several top fighters, who became dramatically more powerful as a result. What ensued were numerous bloody battles to claim possession of these weapons. The weapons eventually scattered across the continent; their whereabouts became a big mystery in the pugilistic world.

“One of the Five Weapons,” said Jin looking at the object held in his hand, “somehow ended up in my ancestor’s possession. It was a guarded family secret for many generations, until the info was leaked recently. We have been pursued by people who want their hands on it.”

“So your wounds were inflicted by those pursuers?” Daichin asked.

“You are correct.”


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I am told of a story
From long, long ago
About a young girl
Whose beauty surpasses the orchid.
Her name is Pocahontas,
A daughter of the Powhatan.

She is callow and pure,
Void of pain and worries.
All the tribal men fall in love with her,
But none could win over her heart
For she has yet to know love.

One day, her smile suddenly fades
As she stares at a distant land
From atop a towering cliff.
She has indeed fallen in love
With an outsider named John Smith.

It’s a tragic tale of unrequited love,
between two of different worlds,
that brings them worldly sorrows
and endless pain.

When her father learns of her heartache,
he is angry and enraged.
No daughter of Powhatan should fall in love with an outsider.
No outsider can betray his precious daughter’s heart.

The warriors of the land are summoned
To apprehend the fiend.
But Pocahontas pleads for her lover’s life
For her pain is self-inflicted
And pity has no place in love.

In exchange for Captain Smith’s life,
She will again be…..a swallow in a yehakin.

~all poems are archived at STORYTERRA.COM

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