When Heaven Cries – Part IX

January 21, 2016 § Leave a comment

Min’s life continued in a state of malaise until one fateful night. She was sleeping in her room when she heard a sound coming from the kitchen. Thinking it may have been caused by the neighbor’s cat, she went into the kitchen to check things out. What she discovered was quite shocking. A young girl was eating the leftovers in her kitchen. Her clothing was dirty and her body was full of scratches and bruises. In her eyes, she saw a hungry and terrified girl. Min came up beside her and gave her a warm embrace. The girl’s fear dissipated and her eyes were overcome with tears.

While the girl took a bath and changed into her benefactor’s old clothes, Min prepared a hot meal for her. The way the girl ate reminded her of her son. How I wish you were still here, she thought. During this whole time, the girl did not speak a word. When Min asked what happened to her, her face turned pale displaying a frightened look. Min refrained from pressing further, not wanting to agonize her. That night, the two shared a bed like a mother and her daughter. Seeing the little girl soundly asleep brought joys to Min’s heart. She had not felt this way since her son’s death.

Could this girl be a gift from Heaven to make up for her son’s loss?


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