When Heaven Cries – Part VIII

January 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

Two years later…

The unrest in Min’s country was at a boiling point. All the anti-government factions, including most of the bandit groups, had formed a movement called The Resistance. As part of their propaganda to win the people’s hearts and minds, the group imposed new codes of conduct which prohibited its members from raiding villages and killing cilivians indiscrimately.

The new strategy appeared to work in The Resistance’s favor. They were making significant territorial gains against the government. Min’s village was one of the towns that were taken over by the rebel group.

Two years after her son’s passing, Min had not gotten over his death. She still shed tears every time she passed by his picture on the altar. Min had lived these last two years without a purpose, because the two most important people in her life had left her. Everyone in the village was concerned about her. They would take turn checking on her to make sure she won’t do something regrettable.


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