When Heaven Cries – Part XI

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When they entered the kitchen, they saw the young girl trying to escape through the window. One of the men aimed his gun at her and was about to shoot, when Min rushed in and attempted to grab the gun from him. He tried to shrug her off but she refused to let go his hand. His comrade came to his aid. He knocked her down with his AK-47.

Three gunshots were fired. The bullets pierced though Min’s body; blood infiltrated her garment. Even as she was in her last breath, she took a peek at the window and saw the girl safely through. At this, she smiled.

“I was not able to save my son then, but today I found redemption. I can finally die in peace.”

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When Heaven Cries – Part X

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The next morning, there was a thunderous knocking at the door. Min told the girl to hide in the kitchen before proceeding to open the door. Two armed men, wearing armbands of The Resistance, charged into the house.

“What is your business here?” Min asked.

“One of the regime’s dogs escaped from her cell last night. Have you seen anyone suspicious?”

“I did not see anyone last night, but feel free to search the house.”

The two men were about to conduct a search of the house, but decided against it at the last minute.

“If you see any suspicious person, report to us at once.”

The two men turned toward the exit door to take their leave. At that moment, they heard a sound coming from the kitchen. The two turned back and moved to the sound’s direction.

When Heaven Cries – Part IX

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Min’s life continued in a state of malaise until one fateful night. She was sleeping in her room when she heard a sound coming from the kitchen. Thinking it may have been caused by the neighbor’s cat, she went into the kitchen to check things out. What she discovered was quite shocking. A young girl was eating the leftovers in her kitchen. Her clothing was dirty and her body was full of scratches and bruises. In her eyes, she saw a hungry and terrified girl. Min came up beside her and gave her a warm embrace. The girl’s fear dissipated and her eyes were overcome with tears.

While the girl took a bath and changed into her benefactor’s old clothes, Min prepared a hot meal for her. The way the girl ate reminded her of her son. How I wish you were still here, she thought. During this whole time, the girl did not speak a word. When Min asked what happened to her, her face turned pale displaying a frightened look. Min refrained from pressing further, not wanting to agonize her. That night, the two shared a bed like a mother and her daughter. Seeing the little girl soundly asleep brought joys to Min’s heart. She had not felt this way since her son’s death.

Could this girl be a gift from Heaven to make up for her son’s loss?

When Heaven Cries – Part VIII

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Two years later…

The unrest in Min’s country was at a boiling point. All the anti-government factions, including most of the bandit groups, had formed a movement called The Resistance. As part of their propaganda to win the people’s hearts and minds, the group imposed new codes of conduct which prohibited its members from raiding villages and killing cilivians indiscrimately.

The new strategy appeared to work in The Resistance’s favor. They were making significant territorial gains against the government. Min’s village was one of the towns that were taken over by the rebel group.

Two years after her son’s passing, Min had not gotten over his death. She still shed tears every time she passed by his picture on the altar. Min had lived these last two years without a purpose, because the two most important people in her life had left her. Everyone in the village was concerned about her. They would take turn checking on her to make sure she won’t do something regrettable.

When Heaven Cries – Part VII

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Just when he was about to pull the trigger, there was a loud noise coming from the sky. A military aircraft was seen circling overhead. The bandit leader’s facial expression turned pale. He withdrew his gun and frantically fled the scene. His comrades would follow suit, dispersing from the square like cowardly rats looking for holes to hide.

Dark clouds suddenly amassed over the village and heavy rains started to fall. Min looked up to the sky briefly, as though to offer thanks. She then began to gather her son’s remains. A friend’s husband brought his farm cart to her. Min was able to transport the remains back to her house.

Min spent that night sewing the dismembered remains back together. The least she could do was to give her son a dignified death. Heaven knows many tears the grieving mother shed that day bemoaning her son’s cruel fate. Meanwhile, heavy downpours continued outside as though the Higher Being sympathized with her plight.

When Heaven Cries – Part VI

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“What do you think you’re doing?” One of the bandits yelled.

A group of six men, armed with AK-47 assault rifles, surrounded Min. When she refused to reply to the earlier shout, the men started kicking the son’s lifeless body. Min hurled herself over her son to protect him from the brutal hits. Although she could not protect him when he was alive, she wanted protect him in death.

Min’s head was strucked by a rifle; blood was streaming out like violent flood waters. One of the men in the group, who appeared to be the leader, took out his pistol and pointed it at her head.

“Since you love your son so much, I might as well send you to join him in the netherworld.”

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