Sword of Fury – Chapter III, Part 6

November 16, 2015 § Leave a comment

A century ago, there was a famous blacksmith named Koseo. He was regarded as history’s greatest blacksmith, creating countless weapons used by top fighters in the pugilistic world. However, Koseo still felt he had yet to craft his greatest masterpieces. Although he had superior skills, he did not have good materials to smith the ultimate weapons. Koseo would spend most of his later years traveling the continent to search for the best materials.

One day, the blacksmith reached a small mining town located at the edge of the eastern sphere and decided to stay for the night. That night, the whole village was shaken by a huge explosion. According to some witnesses, a giant rock fell from the sky generating a powerful blast when it landed on a nearby mountaintop. Koseo was curious of this rock and decided to investigate it. What he discovered from the rock’s fragments was a one-of-a-kind metal that could be used to craft extremely powerful weapons.

Koseo brought the materials back to his workshop and used them to smith five different weapons – a sword, a spear, a set of throwing knives, an iron fan and a pair of tiger claws — collectively known as the Five Great Weapons.



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