Bizarre Japan – Otaku Queen

October 27, 2015 § 1 Comment

In America, otakus are enthusiasts of all things Japanese. They read manga, watch Japanese animation and collect figurines of their favorite characters. They often show up at conventions wearing cosplay costumes. Most Americans are not against this group. In Japan, where the term originated, otakus are social outcasts. A typical otaku is one who rarely venture outside of his room, spending most of his time on his hobby (e.g. video game, anime, manga, idol stalking). Otakus are easy to spot on the streets, since they usually don’t make an attempt to hide their personality or obsession. Due to high-profile incidents associated with otakus, some Japanese find otakus suspicious and potentially dangerous.

Although Japanese otakus do not go outside often, they do meet in groups. Most otaku groups are predominantly male. They typically only admit one girl into their group and call her “Queen”. Being the only female in a group of male otakus is certainly risky and there have been unfortunate “incidents”. In recent years, the stigma of being an otaku has worn off somewhat but it is still a pejorative term.

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  • keyattabrooks says:

    I agree with everything that you’ve mentioned about otakus. I am an otaku myself and I enjoy my hobbies more than anything else! I don’t hide my personality or obsession because it’s who I am and it makes me a unique person. Other people also find me interesting, in a positive way. I wouldn’t say that we are social outcast though. When there is time around our schedule, we spend time with family and friends, at least I do. But, every otaku is different. I’m glad that you haven’t made it this very stereotypical 🙂

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