Sword of Fury: Chapter II, Part 6

October 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

Cha Ri was the first and only one to approach him. He was overwhelmed by his sincerity. The two quickly became close friends. In fact, they were more like brothers than friends. But happy times were short-lived. He soon faced the sad reality that his family was running out of money and he would have to drop out from the school soon.

He was under pressure from his parents to maximize his learning at Tosan. In his desperation, he made the most regrettable mistake in his life, which was to attempt to steal the most powerful manuscript of Tosan’s fencing. He was unsuccessful and got caught in the act by Master Winter, the guardian of the manuscript.

Stealing the manuscript was the most severe violation of Tosan’s code of conduct. Those who attempted to steal the manuscript will be sentenced to death. When he was about to be executed, Cha came to his rescue. Using his sincerest tone, Cha tried his best to persuade the Tosan’s headmasters to reduce his punishment.

At the end, Cha successfully convinced the headmasters to spare his friend’s life. Instead, the masters crippled the offender’s left knee and banished him from the school. The biggest victim in this whole ordeal was Cha, who was also banished from the school.



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