Sword of Fury: Chapter II, Part 5

October 6, 2015 § Leave a comment

Watching the boy from afar was his adopted father. When he saw the boy managed to rise up using his own will, he was overcome with joys.

“My old friend, your son has finally grown up. It’s only a matter of time before he will avenge your death.”

He then looked down to his crippled foot and took a deep sigh. “This is the least I could do for you. After all, I owed you my life.”

When he was ten, his family sent him to Tosan to study martial arts. His parents had high hopes for him. They spent a large deal of money on his schooling. His father even sold his pawn shop to pay for his study at Tosan. However, his schooling was not a smooth ride. Frankly, he did not born to be a champion fencer. Although he worked relentlessly on his martial arts’ skills, he made little progress. His social life also shared the same fate. Having a shy personality, he had a hard time making friends.



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