Sword of Fury: Chapter II, Part 4

October 5, 2015 § Leave a comment

When he reached the forest, darkness had already consumed the place. With his vision became blurrier by the second, he stumbled over a sharply pointed rock. The accident left a deep cut on his left knee. Streams of blood poured out from the wound. The cold night wind added more pain to the boy’s misery. His whole body was overwhelmed by pain, fatigue and soreness from the harsh weather. The boy collapsed and remained motionless on the ground for a long time.

His mind was completely blank. Fatigue had barricaded the channeling of his thoughts. But suddenly, the words of promise he gave to his adopted father when he first learned the fate of his family came back to him.

“I swear to you that I will take revenge on those who murdered my family. I will burn their hearts with fire in the same way it had been done to my family. Let heaven and earth be my witnesses.”

Each of the words was like a strike of thunder, waking the boy up from his fatigue. He felt a robust energy coming from within. Using this newfound strength, he was able to rise up. The boy took out his axe and started chopping down the trees.


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