Happy Memorial Day!

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One thing I do know for sure is that military people are the bravest men and women a country has to offer. No one is more willing to sacrifice for his country than a soldier is. No one would put himself in the line of fire to protect his comrades, and to make way for them to move forward like a soldier would. Soldiers are indeed born of a different breed.  Simon Nguyen


Friday Trivia – May 1

May 1, 2015 § 1 Comment

Next Tuesday is the Cinco de Mayo holiday. Here are a few trivia questions about this celebration.

1. What does the term “Cinco de Mayo” mean in English?
a) Mayan Day b) Celebration of May c) The Fifth of May d) None of these

2. True or False. Cinco de Mayo is also known as Mexico’s Independence Day.

3. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of which national heritage?
a) Spanish b) French c) Brazilian d) American e) Mexican

I’ll post the answers later in the comment section. Check out more trivia questions.


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