Trivia Friday – February 27

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A little knowledge quiz.

1. True or False. The Great Wall of China is the only structure on Earth that is clearly visible when viewing from the moon.

2. True or False. The Colossus of Rhodes — one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World — was a giant statue depicting the Greek god Helios.

3. True or False. The Statue of Liberty was brought to America (in several parts) by ship as a gift from the people of Great Britain.

4. True or False. China currently holds the record for having the most UNESCO World Heritage designated sites with at least 46. Italy is in second place. (2013)

I’ll post the answers later in the comment section.




Margaret, Part II

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One day, Margaret could no longer control her emotion. Instead of gathering small crumbles of bread on the floor as usual, she seized a piece of bread on one of the tables and ran out of the place as quickly as she could — without looking back. That night, her children got to taste the best food they had eaten since the death of their father. Watching her children consumed the piece of bread with such an appetite, Margaret could not help but to express a joyous smile; this was something she had not done since her husband’s death. Her brief moment of joys, however, quickly extinguished. She knew full well what consequences awaited her.

The next day, the constables came and arrested Margaret; she went with them deferentially. Her five children, however, refused to let her go. They begged, cried, and held tightly onto their mother. Their impassioned showing of love touched even the sternest of the constables. Unfortunately, the responsibility of a constable was to uphold justice. They had no choice but to take Margaret away, despite strong protests from the children and Margaret’s neighbors.

On the day of Margaret’s trial, the courthouse was swarmed by thousands of people who gathered in support of Margaret. Even though they came from all walks of life, they shared a similar bond; their lives mirrored that of Margaret at one time or another. Unfortunately, her guiltiness with regards to stealing the piece of bread was clearly established. The jury had no choice but to convict her. When the verdict was read, a morbid silence infiltrated the air.

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Margaret, Part I

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At the turn of the century, European countries were at war with each other. Many lives were lost, and numerous others succumbed to starvation. As a result of all the fightings, there was a severe shortage of food. Many governments enacted tough and harsh laws with regards to the stealing of food. The penalty for this crime was usually death by hanging.

Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty, there was a widow named Margaret. Her husband was killed while fighting valiantly for his country; he left behind five small children for her to take care. To feed her kids, Margaret would go door to door begging a job. Unfortunately, work opportunities were nonexistent. Most shop owners wouldn’t even think of hiring anyone; they already had a hard time taking care of themselves.

In desperation, Margaret had to resort to feeding her children with tiny crumbles of bread she gathered from the dusty floor of a local restaurant. Sadly, the small amount of food was not sufficient to feed even the smallest of her kids. Witnessing her children suffered from malnutrition depressed her heart and brought tears to her eyes. But somehow, she managed to keep her emotions in check — like any good mother would.

One day, Margaret could no longer control her emotions. Instead of gathering small crumbles of bread on the floor as usual, she seized a piece of bread on one of the tables and ran out of the place as quickly as she could — without looking back.

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7 Days of Lunar New Year – Red Envelopes

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Giving out red envelopes or lucky packets is the Chinese New Year’s most valued tradition. This tradition is not unlike Western holiday traditions such as Christmas’ gift exchanging and Halloween’s candy galore. The only difference is the fact that red envelopes are essentially cash giveaways. Each lucky packet is stuffed with an unspecified amount of money–usually an even number. Some people like to vary the amount of money stuffed in their lucky packets. If one is lucky, he or she might receive one with the highest amount.

The likely recipients of these red envelopes are young children and teenagers. In order to be given a lucky packet, the young kid must dress in proper attire and greet an adult with words of good luck.

Trivia Friday – February 19

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Mardi Gras has come and gone, but we can still have some fun.

1. Which American city is most famous for its Mardi Gras carnivals and parades?
a) Mobile, Alabama b) Boston, Massachusetts c) Chicago, Illinois d) New York City e) New Orleans, Louisiana

2. Mardi Gras is typically celebrated by
a) Catholics b) Protestants c) Muslims d) Buddhists e) Everyone

3. The traditional food of Mardi Gras is
a) Pizza b) Hamburger c) Fried steak d) Cherry cream e) Pancake

I’ll post the answers later in the comment section. Check out more trivia questions.

7 Days of Lunar New Year – Lucky Fruits

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It is a Lunar New Year tradition to display a 5-fruit tray in one’s house. We can use any combination of the following “lucky” fruits.

watermelon Watermelon means good health

tangerine Tangerine means prosperity

pineapple Pineapple means wealth & cleanliness

mango Mango means financial stability

pomelo Pomelo means abundance

banana Banana means advancement

Papaya means fullness
Soursop means success
Orange means fortune
Coconut means family unity, harmony

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7 Days of Lunar New Year – Flowers

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Flowers play an important role in Lunar New Year celebrations. Celebrants decorate their houses with a variety of festive flowers and bonsai.

Peach Blossom & Ochna integerrima
blossom5a  suc50229

Big chrysanthemums
chry1 chry2

Paperwhite flower & Marigold
flora3a marigold

Festive kumquat and bamboo
suc50030 bam

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