Classic Post: Pick Your Favorites – R3

September 3, 2014 § 21 Comments

In this vintage post (from 2008), readers were asked to pick their favorite from each of the following pairs and explain their choices in the comment section. Their responses were rather interesting.


#1 – The Eiffel Tower vs The Leaning Tower of Pisa

#2 – The Mona Lisa vs The Scream

#3 – Horse Racing vs Car Racing


Final results (read the comments for individual responses)

The Eiffel Tower 7 | The Leaning Tower of Pisa 13
The Mona Lisa 11 | The Scream 9
Horse Racing 11 | Motor Racing 9


§ 21 Responses to Classic Post: Pick Your Favorites – R3

  • steve says:

    Eiffel tower – way more artistic
    Mona Lisa – the mystique just too hard to avoid
    Horse Racing – yeah horses are treated harshly but the gee golly gosh attitude and failure to nationlize auto racing turns me off

  • MadSilence says:

    I have to go with the Eiffel tower, since the Leaning Tower (it’s a church bell tower I believe) is slowly settling into the marshy ground. Eiffel’s masterpiece just has so much to say.

    As for Munch, I’ve never been much of a fan, even if one of his paintings recently sold for multi-millions. The Mona Lisa has a beauty & mystery about her…

    I’m not much of a race fan, but would have to opt for car racing. I never like to see animals held captive, in the circus or the races. Car races are way too noisy though.

    Cool idea. I like the “pick your favorites” for the reasons stated. Dare I give it a try on MadSilence? With proper attribution of course. 🙂

    Admin: I would love to see what you can come up with for your version of “pick your favorites”. Let me know when you start so I can play along as well. 🙂

  • MadSilence says:

    Gosh darn it I lost my avatar and can’t get it back!
    Admin – Just re-upload your old avatar. 🙂

  • alntv says:

    If I am going by your pictures, I’ll pick this way. But then I’ll follow it up with the way I really feel about each. Fair enough?

    1. Between the 2 pictures, I think the Eiffel Tower is shot more beautifully.
    2. Obviously both masterpieces, Mona couldn’t be more perfect.
    3. Horses will always top the mechanical.

    1. I am more interested in the story of the Leaning Tower. No matter what they try, this work of art will forever remain leaning. It’s history is really quite fascinating.
    2. The Scream is second only to “A Starry Night” as my favorite work of art. It has such a violent vibrancy to it that it is really quite amazing.
    3. I stand by the horses. Anyone who has ever stood next to a champion horse knows that these creatures are arguably the most amazingly beautiful animals on the planet.

  • leafless says:

    My picks:

    #1 The Leaning Tower of Pisa – it’s the only structure that actually moves (an inch or so each year). The Eiffel is just boring.

    #2 The Scream – the painting depicts the great fear of the time; the world was supposed to come to an end, hence the scream.

    #3 Horse racing – I prefer the classic. Car racing is fun, but watching it isn’t.

  • enreal says:

    #1 Leaning tower… imperfection is beautiful

    #2 Mona Lisa… the mystery and not to mention Da Vinci… Loved him… he has always been an idol of mine…

    #3… Horse racing… I think they a re beautiful and majestic… I do not like the race, yet I imagine them free they are beautiful…

  • #1. The Leaning Tower . . . it has a soul of its own.

    #2. Mona Lisa . . . there is so much mystery behind that face, and yes, da Vinci was a very interesting person.

    #3. Car racing . . . I love any form of motor racing.

  • Author says:

    The leaning tower – it captivated me when I visited. I walked to the top and the view was quite charming – I’m not sure if they even let you walk to the top now. It has soul!

    The Scream – I can relate to this feeling quite regularly!

    Car racing providing it’s Formula 1, otherwise it’s the sport of Kings.

  • Paradigm says:

    The tower of Pisa. Even without leaning it is still more beautiful than the Eiffel Tower which is just display of power and status.

    Mona Lisa. Never liked much of the modern art. The Scream is faintly amusing in a involuntary way.

    Car racing. The horses should be set free.

  • MistyPencil says:

    #1 The Leaning Tower of Pisa – It’s made of stone (not steel) and there’s something special about it leaning.

    #2 The Scream (this was the hardest choice) – the style of painting leaves me more freedom of imagination (though it can also be a bit scary).

    #3 Horse Racing definitely: although I can’t ride a horse (or haven’t yet) and I can drive, I respect horse racing more than car racing. There’s something more natural about it than just sitting in a chair and pushing the car to its limits (the car does most of the work).

    You’re right, it’s probably a good way to get to know the community around your blog.

  • benafia says:

    The Eiffel Tower vs The Leaning Tower of Pisa

    Well, certainly the Pisa tower is inebriated and the sky holding it up will get tired any moment now.

    For the Mona Lisa vs The Scream.

    It looks like against all zeitgeist, Mona is a US Republican and the scream is obviously a US Democrat coming back from yet another primary.

    With Horse Racing vs Car Racing, unfortunately or not, it boils down to a carbon footprint bottom line. One can use a horses emissions for the good of the planet. Especially if it eats at organic restaurants. While cars are going to end up killing s all.

  • PiedType says:

    Fun post, great idea.

    I’ll take the Leaning Tower any day. Anyone can bolt a bunch of steel together to make a spire (giant Erector Set). The fascinating thing about the Leaning Tower is its history — all the ingenious engineering tricks that have been tried, first to correct the lean that began during construction, and second, to keep it from leaning any farther.

    The paintings are the toughest choice because I’m not particularly fond of either of them. I suppose I’d have to say the Mona Lisa because of its delicate nuance and long history.

    I’d take horse racing over cars any day — if you promise none of the horses will get hurt. They are (‘scuse the cliche) poetry in motion. If humans insist on risking lives to run races, let them risk their OWN necks in cars, not those of innocent animals.

  • woodyooi says:

    Leaning Tower – Historical
    Mona Lisa – Perfection
    Car Racing – Technology ,

    * I dislike Horse racing on the reason that it’s quite cruel to the horse , any injuries, they will have to put it down, also, most horse racing activities are related to gambling or anything of that nature.


  • Suda says:

    Hey just found your blog ( I forgot how 😛 )

    I will go for
    #1 Leaning Tower (Provided that it wont crash)

    #2 Monalisa (I hate screaming people and paintings 😀 )

    #3 Horse racing (Cars are fun to drive but scary to watch)


  • roentarre says:

    I prefer the horse shot the best. More panning and speed

  • The Eiffel Tower wins,majestic but delicate and sings “The Last Time I Saw Paris.”

    The Scream,would keep me thinking.

    # 3, Mmmm,I don’t really care for either,but I’ll take the cars providing the noise and smell is eliminated.There only the driver can get hurt,and I’d rather see horses galloping around a field.

    A good idea.

  • elaynekyy says:

    Eiffel tower: I want to be in Paris more than I want to be Italy
    Mona Lisa: mysterious charming smile
    Car racing if its F1


  • #1 – The Eifell tower…I hate heights, but it gives me the biggest thrill.
    #2 – The Scream, I love art which has meaning behind it. Something to get you thinking!
    #3 – I’d have to say car racing. I don’t care for either sport, but here in the UK there are rumours that horses get put down after the grand national, if they miss a jump or injure themselves. Harsh i think!


  • fireryeyes says:

    …..don’t know if im in a position to give an opinion, but here it goes anyway:
    1. Tower of Pisa- come on, what is best than a tower that’s leaned to one side because the ground was too soft? and, in ny case, it’s real architecture…. who want a piece of metal?
    2. The Sream- this was a tough one, because I always wondered what went in the girl’s mind (i.e. mona Lisa’s girl), but ive got to say the emotion in the Scream can’t be beaten… colours… everything; really gets you thinking.
    3. Horse racing- i’ve been to a couple of horse races, and no car races, but, because I love horses, and ive lived with them most summers :–)
    Admin – I have read your follow-up response to my earlier visit. Thanks.

  • arvind says:

    Eiffel tower — because thats an architechural wonder ..yeah pizza tower is good but that leaned due to problems in the ground if theey had built it naturally whcih is not possible ..i might have considered it 😀

    monalisa—- why ??? :O the whole world knows that 😛

    CAr race – much more excoiting to watch 😛

  • goldenferi says:

    #1 The leaning tower. It just intrigues the mind
    #2. Mona Lisa. I want to know more about her
    #3. I don’t like either but I’d rather watch the beauty of a horse.

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