Eye Opener: Archery Trick Shots, Korean Style

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There is a reason why the Koreans have dominated competitive archery for such a long time; they are very good.

video credits:  ishubeeke



2014 Gymnastics Worlds in one week!

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Top gymnasts will converge in Nanning, China for the prestigious World Gymnastics Championships. This is the biggest gymnastics competition outside of the Olympics. There are great storylines for this year’s competition.

If four-time world all-around champion Kohei Uchimura wins his 5th consecutive title, he will become the definite greatest gymnast of all time. How great will be his accomplishment? A typical gymnast could only maintain his or her peak form for no more than 2 years. This is due to the physical nature of the sport. Falls and bruises are commonplace in both practice and competition. To win four consecutive world titles plus an Olympic gold medal is just astonishing. But it is looking as though Uchimura could win four more world all-around titles if he wanted to.

On the women’s side, it will be an intriguing battle between the Americans and Russians for both the team title and the all-around crown. For American viewers, here is the 2014 World Gymnastics Championships TV Schedule.

Harvesting dragon fruits

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These dragon fruits (or pitayas) are fresh from my garden. You could still see the dry flowers on the fruits. This season has been a good one for dragon fruits, as they are abundantly available to purchase at supermarkets and local farmer’s markets.

This year’s pitayas are especially big. They are about 25% bigger than Korean giant pears and more juicy than average. Enjoy.

Fall is the marathon season

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The start of Fall next week is also the start of a busy marathon season. Cities around the world are gearing up for their annual marathons. There are at least 11 marathon races set for next Sunday, including the always popular Berlin Marathon. The number of races increase for the following week and thereafter.

Why are marathons so popular. They are a great way to get local residents involved. Unless you are an elite runner, most people participate for the experience. Marathons are excellent social events, where you get to meet new people and have some decent exercise while you’re at it. For some big cities, hosting a marathon is a financial bonanza. Cities like Berlin and New York receives tens of thousands of visitors from around the world, who come to participate in the marathons or simply enjoy the spectacle. This brings lots of tourist dollars and attention. With some marathons being broadcast worldwide, it’s a great way to advertise your city to potential tourists.

Running fans can check out the 2014 Berlin Marathon TV Schedule.

2014 Ryder Cup in 10 days!

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The Ryder Cup is one of those team competitions that really bring out the nationalistic passion of the teams involved. Regardless of whether or not you’re a golf fan, it is always exciting to root for our country’s team.The event pits the Americans against a united European team. The US has lost 10 of the last 14 cups to Europe, so the team is highly motivated to win back the cup. This year’s edition will be played in Scotland, so there will be a 5-hour difference for U.S. East Coast and 8-hour for the West Coast.

For the first time ever, NBC will show the event live despite the time difference. The peacock network usually only shows the Ryder Cup on home soil live. I will be rooting for Team USA, though I am not optimistic about the U.S. chances. Check out the 2014 Ryder Cup TV Schedule. The competition starts September 26.

Distressed kilt

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As the Scots prepare to vote for their independence from the United Kingdom, one question remains on the mind of some people. What do “true” Scottish men wear underneath their traditional kilts?

The answer is …..nothing at all!


Image was taken by Fu Chun Wai for the Associated Press.

2014 Road Cycling Worlds in one week!

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I did not know how popular cycling is in Europe until I was informed of it by my Spanish friend. Cycling is huge in Europe, especially in countries like Great Britain, Spain and France. Every town has its own cycling competition, and there are countless cycling clubs and organizations. This is the reason why the Tour de France, the sport’s elite competition, is one of the most watched annual sporting events in the world. I would even say it is on par with the Champions League. I am pretty sure the high viewership is driven by Europeans, because the interests outside of Europe are not very strong.

In one week time, Ponferrada will play host the 2014 Road Cycling World Championships. Top cyclists from all over the world will compete for the right to be called world champions. American cycling fans can check out the 2014 UCI Road World Championships TV Schedule. Best of luck to all competitors!

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