NFL season commences next Thursday

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The 2014 NFL season opens next Thursday in Seattle between defending champion Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. This is a highly anticipated match-up, as both teams are stacked with quality players. The Seahawks have an edge in the home field advantage, but I could see the outcome going either way. All 32 teams will be playing in the opening week, so everyone will be able to root for their favorite teams.

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Happy Labor Day!

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“The only liberty an inferior man really cherishes is the liberty to quit work, stretch out in the sun, and scratch himself.” H.L. Mencken

Happy Labor Day to all the men and women in the workforce!

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Basketball World Cup in a week!

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In a bid to emulate the wildly successful soccer world cup, basketball’s governing body FIBA is changing the name of its tournament from the world championship (which had been used since 1950) to the world cup. They also made several other changes to make the event more TV friendly. Unfortunately, the sport is still a long way from achieving the same level of success as the FIFA World Cup. Many top basketball stars have opted to skip this year’s tournament to prepare for the NBA season. Check out the 2014 Basketball World Cup TV Schedule.

Folktales, Chapter V

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Lady Tiger Tamer

There is a majestic mountain called Mt. Lady Tiger Tamer. On the mountain lies a beautiful temple, devoted to the worshiping of a young heroine.

Some years ago, the mountain was terrorized by a ferocious white tiger who made prey of the villagers. The tiger attacked its victims during nighttime and retreated back to its cave at daybreak. The villagers were in constant fear for their lives; many left the village seeking a safer place to live.

The daughter of the village’s chief, a young girl with a big heart, decided to take matters into her own hands; she wanted to save the village from the tiger’s terror. After consuming a sizable dose of poisonous herbs, the girl set out to confront the man-eating tiger.

Her mutilated body was later found near the tiger’s cave; the white tiger’s body was discovered not too far away. The young girl apparently used herself as poisonous bait to snare the tiger. Upon devouring the girl, the tiger was poisoned and subsequently succumbed to its death.

To commemorate the girl’s heroic deed, the villagers built a temple to worship her and renamed the mountain after her.

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Deadly Creatures in a bottle

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Despite being imprisoned inside a bottle, the rivalry between eternal enemies – cobra and scorpion – continues nonetheless. Who is the king of deadly creatures?

Equestrian Games in one week!

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The world’s best equestrian riders and their horses will converge in Normandy next week for World Equestrian Games – the sport’s biggest competition. The event will last for two weeks, with eight different disciplines being featured. Long regarded as a sport reserved for the elites, the sport’s governing body (FEI) hopes to use this event to gain mass attention and propel it to become a mainstream sport. The last edition of the event (four years ago) was hugely successful, earning good attendance and TV ratings. What will this year’s WEG do an encore? Here is the 2014 World Equestrian Games TV Schedule for U.S. viewers.

2014 Youth Olympics in one week!

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As much as I despise wasteful events like the youth games, I am inclined to support it to help promote youth sports. Sports are perfect solutions to many of the problems youths around the world are facing – crimes, drugs, social depression. As young people actively engage in positive activities like sports, they will likely to stay away from these problems. 

My biggest gripe with the youth games is its redundancy. There are youth leagues everywhere, and each sport has its own junior/youth tournaments (nationals, continentals, worlds). There is no need for a costly multi-sport event like a Youth Olympics. The IOC is just doing this to squeeze more money from companies and TV networks.

U.S. Viewers – 2014 Youth Olympics TV Schedule.

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