An Orphan’s Tale, Part II

July 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

In hope of gaining attention of potential adopters, Karrie tried her best to maximize her visibility every time someone visited the facility. She even enlisted the help of the nuns at the orphanage; they were more than happy to help arrange meetings between her and potential sponsors.

Despite doing everything she possibly could, her dream remained unrealized. More children were adopted, but she was not among them. Karrie was extremely disappointed. She really wanted to cry, but could not. Years of disappointments had robbed her of all her tears. All she wanted to know was why. Little that she knew, people didn’t want perfection. They were looking for a normal girl, whom they can love and care for.

At the age of 14, Karrie was finally adopted. Her new parents were strict but loving people. In their care, she finally felt the warmth of family. She had at last found true happiness. Unfortunately, a sudden tragedy shattered her perfect family. Her adoptive parents were killed in an auto accident, caused by a drunken teen driver. Karrie survived the crash, but her heart died a little that day. Fate gave her a second chance, but then took it away.

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