An Orphan’s Tale, Part II

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In hope of gaining attention of potential adopters, Karrie tried her best to maximize her visibility every time someone visited the facility. She even enlisted the help of the nuns at the orphanage; they were more than happy to help arrange meetings between her and potential sponsors.

Despite doing everything she possibly could, her dream remained unrealized. More children were adopted, but she was not among them. Karrie was extremely disappointed. She really wanted to cry, but could not. Years of disappointments had robbed her of all her tears. All she wanted to know was why. Little that she knew, people didn’t want perfection. They were looking for a normal girl, whom they can love and care for.

At the age of 14, Karrie was finally adopted. Her new parents were strict but loving people. In their care, she finally felt the warmth of family. She had at last found true happiness. Unfortunately, a sudden tragedy shattered her perfect family. Her adoptive parents were killed in an auto accident, caused by a drunken teen driver. Karrie survived the crash, but her heart died a little that day. Fate gave her a second chance, but then took it away.

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2014 PGA Championship in one week

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The professional golf season is coming to the final stretch with the year’s last major – the PGA Championship. Although this event is not as highly regarded as the other three majors, it is still an important championship.

This year’s venue will be Jack Nicklaus-designed Valhalla. The last time this course hosted the PGA was in 2000, which was won by Tiger Woods in a playoff. The winning score that year was a whooping 18 under par, so one would expect a similar score this year. Fans of low scoring and birdie fest will enjoy this year’s championship, but skeptics will surely complain about the easy conditions. Check out the 2014 PGA Championship TV Schedule

An Orphan’s Tale, Part I

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Karrie’s parents abandoned her when she was just a newborn. She was found at the doorstep of a fire station, wrapped in white towels. Karrie was later transferred to the local orphanage.

Short in stature and blessed with a hearty smile, Karrie quickly became everyone’s darling. She won people over not only with her charm, but also by excelling in almost everything. There was one thing she had yet to accomplish, however. She dreamed of having a family of her own, completed with a dad, a mom and maybe a sister or two. All she wanted was to be a normal girl with loving parents and supportive siblings.

Despite her academic achievements and good behavior, she found no luck in getting adopted. Witnessing wave after wave of her friends leaving the orphanage (having been adopted by a good family), Karrie was disheartened. But she continued to persist. She kept telling herself that she must work even harder to earn that opportunity. She must do all she can.

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Humor: Money Talk

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Sometimes humor comes from the unlikeliest source.

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2014 Rogers Cup in 10 days

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In a little more than a week, Canada will welcome the world’s top tennis players for its national championships. Unlike many national opens where the men and women play on the same venue, the Rogers Cup is played on two different venues – Toronto for the men and Montreal for the women. In olden days, this would have caused headaches for the TV production team. With new and advanced technologies, however, TV broadcasters can now show both events live in their coverage without any problem. US viewers can check out the 2014 Rogers Cup TV Schedule


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I am excited to announce another new blog called 1000 Great Quotes. This blog features a collection of wisdom quotes from my favorite people – sages, leaders, writers, teachers. I also include my personal commentaries. 

Michael Phelps returns to the pool

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After a hiatus, the greatest swimmer of all time Michael Phelps returns to the pool in search for more glory. Phelps’ comeback is not unexpected, as he is still very fit and his swimming strokes are as efficient as ever. Phelps has already shown strong form in his recent meets, beating old rivals like Ryan Lochte in butterfly and freestyle events. His next big tests will be the national championships and the Pan Pacific Championship in August. It will be interesting to see if Phelps could maintain enough form for one last encore in Rio 2016. 

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