Racquetball vs. Squash

April 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

When an American sees squash in action for the first time, he immediately thinks of racquetball – a popular game played in American schoolyards everywhere. There are lots of similarities between the two sports. Both squash and racquetball players hit a ball to a three-sided wall and the goal is to not let it bounce twice. The rackets used are strikingly similar and the rules are nearly the same. The main difference between the two sports is the court and the balls.

Squash is played indoor, frequently on a “glass court” – a playing box surrounded by four glassy walls. The sport was born an activity for the elites, and the glass courts were a symbol of opulence. Racquetball, on the other hand, could be played indoor or outdoor. Many U.S. primary schools have racquetball courts (the cheap ones with concrete walls), because they are inexpensive to build compared to tennis courts. Both sports do not have global appeal. The greatest squash players all came from Commonwealth countries, while the best racquetball players are from North America. 


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