Masters Tournament 2014

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It’s that time of the year again. In a little more than a week, the world’s top golfers will converge at Augusta National for the year’s first major – the Masters Golf Tournament. This is probably the one golf competition that is known to non-fans of the sport. People don’t follow golf, but they do follow the Masters. There are many things about this event that make it special – the legendary Augusta National, the great champions and the time-honored traditions. When Jack Nicklaus won his sixth green jacket at the age of 46, it captured the nation’s attention. When Tiger Woods demolished the field in 1997 for his first major, it was a historic moment. The Masters also has the best weekend TV coverage for a golf tournament. CBS has always done a good job with its broadcast of the final two rounds. I have always enjoyed it and hope you will enjoy it as well. Check out the 2014 Masters TV Schedule.


Are home run hitters below average athletes?

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I was watching a series on the greatest baseball players in history the other day and they were showing old footage of famous players. A lot of the power hitters in the footage do not look very athletic. Take Babe Ruth for example. He looked obese and out of shape compared to players like Ted Williams and Willie Mays. Some would say that the footage might be from the latter stages of his career, when he no longer had his athletic shape. But he was not the only one. Home run king Hank Aaron did not look very athletic either even in his prime years. May be these power hitters need a big upper body to generate power. 

Reading Glasses

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A man visited an eyewear store looking for an apt pair of reading glasses. He tried many pairs but found none to be suitable. After a while, the storeowner realized something was not right about the patron. With utmost politeness, the owner asked: “Sir, do you know how to read?”

The man replied, appearing puzzled by the question. “What a silly question to ask! Who buy reading glasses if they could read?”

It turned out that the man had seen many people read with their reading glasses on, so he thought reading glasses were some sort of magical or technologically advanced devices that could enable an illiterate person to be able to read.

Rocky Marciano is Rocky Balboa?

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A friend of mine, who is not a fan of boxing but is a fan of the Rocky (movie) series, asked me the other day if the titular character Rocky Balboa was based on a real boxer. My answer is yes. This character is “loosely” based on the great world heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano. Their life stories were obviously different, but there were many similarities. They have the same first name “Rocky”, the same Italian American heritage and middle class background. The movie even stated that Marciano was his idol. One major difference between the two is the fact that unlike Balboa, Marciano was never the underdog. He went undefeated in his career and was a knockout machine. Marciano ranks among the greatest boxers of all time. But strangely, Rocky Balboa is a lot more popular than his real life inspiration. The people of Philadelphia even erected a bronze statue to celebrate this American hero (even though he did not exist). 

Figure Skating Worlds 2014

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Some people may be surprised at the ISU’s decision to hold a world championship just one month after the Olympic figure skating competition, but they have done this every Olympic year and it is for a good reason. The sport of figure skating is in desperate need of attention; it can’t afford to lose out on any opportunity to showcase its stars. People only tune in to figure skating for the Olympics and world championships. If they follow other major sports (which skip the world championship in the Olympic year), they will lose a much needed lifeline. 

Unfortunately, holding a major event only a month after the Olympics means some of the sport’s top stars are likely to skip it. The defending champions Patrick Chan and Kim Yu Na won’t be here, while the Olympic gold medalist for the ladies withdrew. There are still some very good skaters at this event, particular those from the host country Japan. The U.S. is bringing its top stars to Japan as well, so American fans may find it worthwhile to tune in. (Check out 2014 World Figure Skating Championships TV Schedule.) The event runs from March 24-30 in Saitama, Japan.

PGA Tour visits the King’s home

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It’s time for another PGA Tour update. The highly dramatic Florida Swing ends at Bay Hill, the home course of the much beloved Arnold Palmer. Over the years, this event has been dominated by Tiger Woods who won eight times on this course. It’s rare for a player to win the same tournament 2-3 times, but to win it 8 times is just unbelievable. Woods is expected to defend his title here this year, but a bad back demotes him from top contender status. If he does win for a 9th time, I think it would be a remarkable achievement. Check out the 2014 Arnold Palmer Invitational TV Schedule

March means Madness

March 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

The madness is almost here! All the college basketball conferences will be having their tournaments this week. It is the last chance for the so called “bubble” teams to impress the selection committee. As a basketball fans, I am very excited about the coming NCAA tournaments. As a normal person, I am even more excited about Warren Buffett’s $1 billion bracket challenge. I know the chances to win are slim, but hey it’s the same as playing the lottery with more skills involved.

For the non-college-basketball fans, the NCAA Basketball Championship (endearingly called March Madness) is a 68-team tournament divided in four different regions. Teams can earn a direct berth into the championship by winning their conference tournament. The rest of the teams will be selected by an NCAA committee on Selection Sunday — March 16 this year. Check out the 2014 March Madness Predictions. Hope you all will enjoy this year’s March Madness!

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