Sochi Opening Ceremony gets a B grade

February 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

I watched the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony last night and it was as expected a spectacle of extravagance and propaganda. Other than the Olympic ring glitch (I wonder which continent was it), the opening ceremony was a success. The star of the show was clearly that little girl who showed incredible calmness amid these scary and dangerous stunts. I don’t have Acrophobia, but still held my breath watching her floating in the air with only a wire or two.

The event overall is intriguing but not interesting. This has more to do with Russian history and culture, which I find to be boring. Ballet dancing? A history of the Soviet Union? Tolstoy’s War and Peace? Not interested.

My final grade for Sochi Opening Ceremony:

Presentation – A

Entertainment – C

Overall – B


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