World Indoor Track and Field 2014

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The best track and field athletes will gather in Sopot, Poland next week for the biennial IAAF World Indoor Championships. I think it is interesting how the U.S. and Europe each uses a different name for the sport. Americans call it “track & field”, but Europeans call it “athletics”. I think the European usage is more correct, because it covers other events that are neither track nor field. Take the marathon or cross country running as an example. Marathon is a road racing event and is considered (correctly) part of the sport of athletics. If we called marathon a track and field event, it would not sound right.

There won’t be any name controversy next week, however. The indoor championships consist of track and field events only, so no marathon or cross country running. Check out 2014 World Athletics Indoor Championships TV Schedule


Random Role Play – Doctor

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A famous actress (who is known for her beauty) is ailing from a grave illness. She leaves the treatment decision entirely to you, the doctor. There are two treatment options:

#1 – This treatment will cure the patient completely of her illness within six months. However, it has horrible side effects on the skin, which could take up to 2 years to recover from. 

#2 – This is a gradual treatment that will take up to 5 years to completely cure the illness. The condition improves slightly after every 3 months until the illness completely dissipates. 

Which treatment would you (the doctor) choose for your patient?

PGA Tour visits the Blue Monster of Doral

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The Florida Swing provides plenty of intriguing names. The Honda Classic has the Bear Trap. The Cadillac Championship is played on a course called the Blue Monster. A lot people were wondering how the name “The Blue Monster” came about. To be honest, I don’t think even the most knowledgeable expert knows either. Personally, I think it is just a marketing ploy. Anything with the word “monster” in it is surely going to garner attention. I am sure it has nothing to do with the difficulty of the course. Although it is no pushover, top players have had little trouble going low on this course. The winner’s score in the last six years here is 16 under par or better. Check out the 2014 WGC Cadillac Championship TV Schedule

Cali hosts track cycling worlds

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Unlike outdoor cycling, track cycling is not a sport that is instantly recognizable to people outside of Europe. We may watch a little of it during the Summer Olympics, but usually don’t take an interest in it. This is why I was a bit surprised to hear that Cali (Columbia) will host this year’s track cycling world championships, as it is extremely rare for a non-European city to host this event. If it was a city in Brazil, I would not be surprised since they will host the 2016 Olympic Games. But Columbia? 

If you are a fan or are curious about the sport, here is the 2014 UCI Track World Championships TV Schedule. I invite you all to watch it.

Random trivia – Bob Costas

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In addition to working for NBC Sports, Bob Costas is also a major contributor or sportscaster at which other network?

1) HBO

2) MLB Network

3) NFL Network


5) Hallmark Channel

PGA Tour begins the Florida Swing

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The Tour will finish its West Coast Swing at the WGC Match Play and move on to Florida with four consecutive tournaments in the Sunshine State. The first event will be at Jack Nicklaus-designed PGA National Resort which features the famous Bear Trap — a stretch of difficult holes that put fear in the world’s top golfers. This event will feature a top-notch field that includes Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. (Check out the 2014 Honda Classic TV Schedule.) The other three events are Doral, Innisbrook and Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill. 

Leave the man alone!

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I had a conversation recently with an associate (a disgruntled Obama voter) who criticized the president on just about everything — poor economy, bad job market, Obamacare, foreign policies. He ended his tirade with a way-too-familiar line: “At least Romney would have been worse.”

Although I am not a fan of Mitt Romney, I feel a need to defend him on this. The election ended one and a half year ago, and he has retired from public life. It was bad enough that he lost the election (that he heavily invested in). I don’t think it’s right to make him the scrape goat for someone else’s problems. He has moved on and we should too.

The fact is we don’t know what type of president he would have been had he win the presidency. People make assumptions about him based on what they saw from attack ads, campaign platforms (that were designed to win support from the conservative base) and the media’s portrayal of him. I don’t think he is the heartless and blood-sucking capitalist the media made him out to be. I think he is more of a pragmatist and would have governed as such. 

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