China’s bullying could be backfired

January 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

China has a dilemma. The country wants to become a world’s superpower, but does not know how. They seem to think that intimidating their neighbors is the best way to achieve superpower status. First, China created an air space that did not exist drawing the ire of regional power Japan and rising power South Korea. Not only this maneuver did not win the country any prestige, it gave rival Japan an excuse to revert to its militarism, which has been constrained by the pacifist constitution. If Japan becomes a military power again, it would be a nightmare for the Chinese. 

Second, China outrageously claimed a vast territory of international waters in the South China Sea as its own and prohibited fisherman in the region from fishing there. This drew the ire of all the South Asian countries, including its little “communist” brother Vietnam.

As of the right now, the Red Army has no allies in Asia. Its two traditional allies, North Korea and Vietnam, have becoming increasingly distant from China. In recent years, Vietnam has purchased a large amount of arms from Russia which could be used against China in a sea conflict. The Chinese may be powerful, but if all of Asia and the United States are united against them, they stand no chance. 


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