Lunar New Year Week 2014

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This week is the Lunar New Year Week, which is celebrated by most Asians. Compared to the Gregorian New Year, the Lunar New Year is a lot more fun. My house is literally stacked with all sorts of New Year gifts and goodies – sticky rice cakes, rice dumplings, candied peanuts, dry fruits, beef jerky, large-size chrysanthemum, small peach trees with blossoms, ochna integerrima (New Year festive trees), bonsai, Japanese apples, giant pears, giant grapefruits, watermelons, oranges, mangoes, sweet tamarind, fire crackers, red envelopes, and more…..I will be sharing photos of all these goodies starting on Friday – the first day of the New Year!


PGA Tour comes to Pebble Beach

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Every time I post something about golf, it generates very little interest. I think it is perfectly fine since everyone has his or her own tastes. Back to golf, the PGA Tour is coming to Pebble Beach which is one of the most favorite tour stops. This is the event where celebrities entertain themselves and show off their “not too refined” golf skills, in hope of making golf a little less boring. Stars like comedian Bill Murray, Ray Romano, singer Justin Timberlake and musician Kenny G. are regular participants of the event. Check out the 2014 Pebble Beach Pro-Am TV Schedule

Random trivia – Sun

January 25, 2014 § 2 Comments

Which of these planets is closer to the sun?

a) Earth

b) Moon

c) Depends on day and time

d) My head hurts

Westminster Dog Show 2014

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The world’s most prestigious dog show is set to return during Valentine week. Along with the National Dog Show, the Westminster is the most watched conformation show in America, regularly drawing high TV viewership. Unfortunately, the show coincides with the Olympics this year which means it will likely lose quite a few viewers.

Three new breeds will featured in the Westminster competition: the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (hound), the Chinook (working) and the Rat Terrier. The Westminster Kennel Club will stream the breed judging live so everyone will have a chance to see the new breeds, in case they do not make the finals. Check out the 2014 Westminster Dog Show TV Schedule.

China’s bullying could be backfired

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China has a dilemma. The country wants to become a world’s superpower, but does not know how. They seem to think that intimidating their neighbors is the best way to achieve superpower status. First, China created an air space that did not exist drawing the ire of regional power Japan and rising power South Korea. Not only this maneuver did not win the country any prestige, it gave rival Japan an excuse to revert to its militarism, which has been constrained by the pacifist constitution. If Japan becomes a military power again, it would be a nightmare for the Chinese. 

Second, China outrageously claimed a vast territory of international waters in the South China Sea as its own and prohibited fisherman in the region from fishing there. This drew the ire of all the South Asian countries, including its little “communist” brother Vietnam.

As of the right now, the Red Army has no allies in Asia. Its two traditional allies, North Korea and Vietnam, have becoming increasingly distant from China. In recent years, Vietnam has purchased a large amount of arms from Russia which could be used against China in a sea conflict. The Chinese may be powerful, but if all of Asia and the United States are united against them, they stand no chance. 

Ice Hockey in Sochi

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NBC has announced its ice hockey broadcast schedule. As hockey is one of the most popular winter sports, the network has high hopes that it will deliver big ratings for NBCSN, MSNBC, USA Network and NBC (gold medal games only). There are some interesting match-ups in the preliminaries. The U.S. men will face host country Russia, while U.S. women will face rival Canada. Due to the time differences, most of the games will be in the morning. Check out the formatted 2014 Olympics Ice Hockey TV Schedule.

Travesty in college hall

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In case you had not heard, there was a shooting at Purdue University this morning where an engineering student shot and killed a fellow student. This brings back some sad memories from my college days. A stressed-out student shot a number of engineering professors during lunch time at my university. The location of the shooting was actually where I usually had my lunch. Fortunately, I was not there when it happened and was spared of any trouble.

While shooting anyone is a despicable act, I am inclined to have a little sympathy for the young man. Engineering is the most difficult major for a bachelor degree. Many engineering students drop out of the program after 2 years and most graduate in 5-6 years (instead of the usual 4 years). And did I forget to say that some engineering professors teach very little but demand a lot from the students? But like I said, there is no excuse to vent one’s frustration by hurting other people. 

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