My Top 5 Most Interesting People of 2013

December 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

1. Pope Francis. The newly elected pope’s humility and warm personality have earned him plenty of fans both inside and outside the Roman Catholic Church. He offers a breath of fresh air to a church that is facing a multitude of problems.

2. Nelson Mandela. The former president of South Africa may have left us this year, but his legacy will remain with us for quite some time. Rest in Peace.

3. Bashar al-Assad. At the beginning of 2013, few people thought the Syrian president could survive through this year. But he did just that. With help from reliable allies, Assad survived paper threats from the Obama administration and managed to turn the tide against the insurgency. He has even managed to soften his “dictator” image to some in the West.

4. Barack Obama. The first year of the president’s second term was nothing short of a disaster. His support for the insurgency in Syria backfired on him. His health care program has faced one problem after another. The so called Arab Spring is falling apart. Finally, Obama faced criticisms from both friends and foes on the over-reaching NSA spy program.

5. Shinzo Abe. The prime minister of Japan has taken a risky approach to solving his country’s long-standing deflation problem, by pumping money into the system. As a result of a devalued yen, the Japanese stock markets soared and the economy has seen higher growth. But there will grave consequences for these maneuvers.


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