Scamming the scammer

October 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

I was a near “victim” of a popular scam the other day. I received a call from a man with an Indian accent who claimed to be from Microsoft’s Windows Tech Support. He said that the Microsoft server has detected a critical error on my computer and offered to remove it remotely. I recognized the fraud right away and decided to play a little with him. I told him to provide a reference number and his name. The fraudster appeared to be caught off guard by my “request”, but proceeded to provide me something that resembles more of a phone number than a reference number. He also used an American name, even though I was 100% sure he was a man of Indian descent. Our conversation ended after I told him I know people who work for Microsoft and will contact them directly about my computer’s purportedly problems. I even said that I will commend him with Microsoft for doing a good job. I think he got my message and won’t be calling me again.


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