Syria could be the next Iraq

August 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

President Barack Obama criticized George W. Bush for rushing into the Iraq War, and now he is doing the same thing. Even when evidence that the alleged chemical attack was committed by Syrian pro-government forces has yet to be established, Obama has already drumming up for a possible war in Syria. Ten years ago, it was WMD in Iraq. Now it is chemical attack in Syria. The funny thing was the U.S. did not find WMDs in Iraq, and I bet they may never find out whether or not Assad was really behind the attack. 

If the U.S. indeed intervenes in Syria, we will likely be treading the same road as that of Iraq. To remove Assad, the U.S. will have to deal with Iran, Hezbollah and possibly Russia. Then there is the attached problem of the insurgency. We do not know if the rebels are allies or foes. In the misfortunate event that the Al Qaeda and not the Syrian government was behind the chemical attack, an intervention will actually increase the threats to U.S. national security. I sincerely hope Obama will think carefully about what he and his team are planning to do.


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