A new trivia quiz for the holidays

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I just updated my website with a dozen Christmas trivia questions and answers. I tried to cover as many Christmas subjects as possible — both religious and secular topics are included. Give it a try and tell me if you enjoyed it. I will be making more of these in the future and announce them here on my blog. I hope you like it. 


James Blake retires from tennis

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Havard student turned professional tennis player James Blake retired from tennis last night after he suffered a heart-breaking loss (in 5 sets) to 7-foot Ivo Karlovic at the U.S. Open. I could sum up Blake’s career in one phrase: “good and bad luck”. He had to endure injuries, death of father and the passing of time. The American started his career well ranking as high as 4th in the world, but saw his rankings plunged in recent years. A tennis star in the first half his career turned journeyman tennis player in the latter half.

We should not pity him, however. He did earn millions of dollars in prize and sponsorship money, and married a lovely lady in Emily Snider. Blake could now finish his Havard degree and potentially served as Davis Cup in the future. Not bad at all!

Labor Day 2013

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Labor Day is a holiday observed by nearly all the countries in the world. While most countries (including the UK) chose May 1st to be the date for their Labor Day, the U.S. picked a different date. The first Monday of September is the date; this year’s observance is on September 2nd. The reason why the U.S. chose a different date is because May 1st has roots in the socialist movement. In some communist countries, this day is called International Workers’ Day.

Is Labor Day still relevant? As long as there are workers who continue to be mistreated, this day serves as an important reminder that we need to work harder to achieve labor equality. Workers at developing countries continue to be taken advantage by their employers and foreign corporations. Some in the U.S. are suffering as well.

Check out these interesting Labor Day trivia questions and answers. Enjoy the holiday!

Syria could be the next Iraq

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President Barack Obama criticized George W. Bush for rushing into the Iraq War, and now he is doing the same thing. Even when evidence that the alleged chemical attack was committed by Syrian pro-government forces has yet to be established, Obama has already drumming up for a possible war in Syria. Ten years ago, it was WMD in Iraq. Now it is chemical attack in Syria. The funny thing was the U.S. did not find WMDs in Iraq, and I bet they may never find out whether or not Assad was really behind the attack. 

If the U.S. indeed intervenes in Syria, we will likely be treading the same road as that of Iraq. To remove Assad, the U.S. will have to deal with Iran, Hezbollah and possibly Russia. Then there is the attached problem of the insurgency. We do not know if the rebels are allies or foes. In the misfortunate event that the Al Qaeda and not the Syrian government was behind the chemical attack, an intervention will actually increase the threats to U.S. national security. I sincerely hope Obama will think carefully about what he and his team are planning to do.

No pardon for Bradley Manning

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The U.S. military court recently handed out a 35-year sentence to former soldier Bradley Manning, who was found to have committed espionage. Manning, who apparently wanted to live as a woman under the name Chelsea, stole and leaked classified information to Wikileaks. He has sent a letter to President Barack Obama asking for a presidential pardon.

While it is up to the president to pardon or to not pardon the convicted Manning, I seriously hope he will do the right thing which is to not give this man a free pass. What Manning did was treason against the state; he betrayed his oath as a soldier and his responsibility as an American citizen. The U.S. needs to send a message to people like him or Mr. Snowden that they won’t get away with this type of thing. Personally, I believe the sentence was too light. I would have preferred that he will be locked up for at least 50 years.

Bob Filner received a free ride until now

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San Diego mayor Bob Filner recently resigned from office after 18 women came out to accuse him of inappropriate behaviors. I wonder why it took so long for Filner’s antics to be publicized. After all, he was a city council member and a U.S. house representative prior to winning the mayoral seat. Filner had held a public office since 1987!

Please don’t tell me he was a model citizen before he became San Diego mayor. One does not become a pervert overnight. My guess is someone or some political party has been hiding his improper conduct all along, until they could not cover for him anymore. Shame on those people! San Diego deserves better.

My 70-year-old cousin

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How can a guy in his thirties have a 70-year-old cousin? Well, my dad is the last son of my grandparents. There is a 15-20 years gap between my first uncle and my father. Also, my first uncle married young while my dad married when he was a little older. If you factored all that in, this isn’t so abnormal. Consequently, I have several nieces and nephews who are in their late forties and early fifties. It’s really awkward when they called me “Uncle”!

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