St. Patrick’s Day 2013

March 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

For a holiday that is supposed to be an Irish only event, St. Patrick’s Day is huge in America. When you see presidents, vice presidents and presidential candidates wearing green or taking part in parades, you know this is a major event in United States. Granted that there is a sizable Irish American population in the U.S., the popularity of St. Patrick’s Day in the States is still an interesting phenomenon. I mean there are lots of Italian Americans too, but we don’t see huge celebrations for any Italian holiday. We don’t see top government officials attending a Lunar New Year festival or celebrating Oktoberfest.

I guess Americans love everything English (or Irish or Scottish). Case in point, Queen Elizabeth visited the States 4 times. Each time she received exceptional reception from the U.S. president and the American people. When there was a civil war in Ireland, President Bill Clinton stepped in to help broker the Peace Accords. The two nations are like blood brothers.

In honor of this occasion (which will be March 17), I have compiled a small collection of funny St. Patrick’s Day sayings for all to enjoy. See the previous link. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all Irish folks around the world!


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