March Madness 2013

February 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

I love to watch March Madness — a lot more so than professional basketball. I mean who would not enjoy watching a bunch of talented ballers playing for their schools, passionate fans and pride rather than for some clubs or teams owned by billionaires. This is what sports are ought to be about.

My alma mater does not have a lot of basketball history, but we have improved considerably in recent years. Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have a decent shot at playing in the Big Dance. I won’t reveal my alma mater, but our mascot is related to North American indigenous peoples.

I know the tournament is still a few weeks away, but I will make my predictions for the four #1 seeds. Based on my (un)expert analysis, the the Big Four are Indiana, Duke, Gonzaga and Louisville. The gap between #1 seeds and #2 seeds is nonexistent this year. It just shows how competitive college basketball has become.

Do you have high college basketball IQ? Take these March Madness trivia questions to test your knowledge. Have fun!


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