Puppet King

February 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

I recently read a historical novel that recounts the various political intrigues at a royal court. A general overthrew the king and installed a 10-year-old child in his place. This general became the new king’s “protector” who held absolute power. Later on this general was killed by another general who became the new royal protector. This scenario kept on repeating for many years. The king was simply a political puppet (or pawn) in the power game. He was given a palace to live in and that was it. No one respected him or listened to his orders. When his newest protector thought the king had outlived his usefulness, he decided to usurp the throne for himself. The (now former) king and his wife were given poisonous portions. When his wife refused to take it, she was hurdled out of the window to her death. The king was strangled to death.

Reading this novel makes me glad that we live in a democracy where people trade verbal jabs instead of slash and hack.


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