Dried Fruit

February 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

I have decided to bring back my “fruit” series. If you have not read my previous posts in this series, you can find samples of it HERE and HERE. Hope you enjoy it.

Located in a remote region of southeast Asia is a village that is literally built on water. To move from one point to another, the villagers would have to swim. While they would have preferred to travel by boats, they are too poor to purchase one. Fishing is their only source of income. Since fish are found in much deeper waters, the fishermen have to swim multiple miles each day to catch them. These people are terrific (endurance) swimmers; they would have easily won Olympic medals if they were given a chance. Still, this low-paying profession is a rather dangerous career. If the fishermen did not return by the end of the day, their families would surely know their fate.

There is no school within proximity of the village and there is a good reason for it. It is unsafe for young children to swim from home to school and back. Also, few teachers (or more correctly no teacher) would want to take a job in this neck of woods. That leaves the children here with an uncertain future. Many of them are likely to follow their parents’ footsteps and become swimming fishers.

There is one good benefit about living in this village. It is remote and somewhat isolated from the outside world, making it a perfect hiding place for wanted criminals. However, the harsh and undesirable living conditions discourage even the most ardent criminal to take the opportunity.


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