Is blogging dead?

February 2, 2013 § 2 Comments

Back when I first started blogging, the blogosphere was a lively world where like-minded friends (and foes) debate the topics of the day, exchange ideas and share their creative gifts. Things have really changed in the last few years. I took a long hiatus due to my health problems and when I returned, the whole landscape had changed. Some of my blog friends permanently shut down their blogs; others moved onto twitter and facebook. I have to contend with my new posts getting zero comments and replies. It is really lonely here; I could even “hear” my echos. 

The good thing is that my blog is getting more traffic than ever, though most of the visitors come from search engines. In another word, my blog is slowly losing its original purpose. Personally, I don’t mind. My posts are still being read, even though the people who read them do not come here with that purpose. I still have a platform to speak my mind and share interesting stuff. It’s just that I am little nostalgic about the good old days. 



§ 2 Responses to Is blogging dead?

  • The Road Now says:

    I have often wondered where everybody has gone. I don’t write as much as I used to but I have remained loyal to visiting certain blogs like yours with the purpose of reading. I wondered where you had gone after that Memorial Day post. I’m glad you are back.

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