Why Lance Armstrong decided to come out at this time?

January 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Lance Armstrong’s decision to admit to doping raises more questions than answers. Namely, why does he come out now? While many of us have already convinced that he was using performance-enhancing drugs when he won his Tour de France titles, it remains that he has never failed a drug test. If he decided to keep silence, I am sure there are people who would still believe in his innocence. A closer inspection, however, tells us that his admittance might be a smart and calculated move. 

In face of damning testimonies from former teammates, Armstrong’s reputation has already been severely damaged. His sponsors have already pulled their sponsorship of him and possibly of his Livestrong foundation (in the future). His other businesses and financial relationships may have already suffered grave consequences. If he sat idle, his continuing  financial being will take a big hit. In admitting to doping now, Armstrong is likely seeking to repair his tarnished reputation.

After all, it has been reported that he will not face perjury or jail time due to the statute of limitation. While he will suffer a temporary financial hit due to various lawsuits, he can easily recoup these losses when his reputation improves, as America is a forgiving country. His abrupt admittance is not as perplexing as some people make it out to be,  


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