Love and War

September 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

For a friend


On the day I left our home,

You bid me farewell with heartfelt tears.

You told me to have no fear

And that if I were to return someday,

I must fight with courage and without regrets.

In sandstorms and summer heat,

Layers of brave men and women march on.

With their trusty arms,

They conquer terror

And champion the light of freedom.

For each sacrifice,

A new day is born

Bringing along indescribable joys.

Even though we’re a world apart,

Our hearts and souls are one.

I can feel your longing love.

I can see your tiring eyes.

I can hear your sorrowed cry.

In the line of fire,

Your everlasting love is my companion

Giving me strength to overcome the test of will.


By Simon


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