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In ancient China, the emperor was considered to be the Son of Heaven. Since the law at that time permitted that a man can marry many wives, the emperor will have to one up his subjects by marrying even more wives. The record number of wives (concubines included) for a Chinese emperor was 40,000. Unfortunately, the (old) Forbidden City was not big enough to house that many ladies. As a result, the emperor only kept 10,000 of his wives at his palace. He scattered the rest of his wives around the empire.

It was said the emperor’s favorite sister once complained to him that he had many wives but she only had one husband. The emperor apparently took this to heart and decided to hand select 300 handsome young men to serve as his sister’s concubines. O how I glad the days of absolute monarchy are long gone.


Gambling and World Cup suicides

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Following every World Cup, we often hear stories of people attempting suicide after losing everything betting on World Cup matches. This year’s event is no different. Newspapers from around the world are filled with suicide stories, related to World Cup gambling. Many were so caught up in World Cup mania that they bet everything they had on their favorite teams, only to lose it all.

Among these stories, there is one that really catches my attention. The person accumulated huge debts after losing big betting on World Cup matches. He decided to end his life by jumping into the river. As his body reached the water, the person realized he still wanted to live and cried out heartily for help. A boater nearby heard his cry and rushed to his rescue. After the incident, the rescuer came to learn of the reason behind the attempted suicide. The fisherman appeared very agitated that he had rescued an unworthy person. He could be heard murmuring: “If you had the gut to risk everything on a soccer match, you should at least have the gut to risk your life without crying for help as well.”

Free speech, under siege

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Golf is cruelly fun, says the British weatherman

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I am neither a golfer nor a serious golf fan. I don’t follow professional golf, though I do watch the four major tournaments. The reason for this is simple. I enjoy watching the agony on the face of a golfer after he or she badly hits a shot, and the tough conditions offered by the four major golf tournaments provide the exciting drama. Frankly, I find the agony of a missed golf shot more entertaining than the ecstasy of a great shot.

The year’s third major, the 2010 British Open Championship, is set to start on Thursday. Links courses can be quite a monster when strong winds are present. And I’m happy to hear from the weatherman that they will be prevalent in all four rounds of golf.

Baseball All-Star Game 2010 is set for Tuesday

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While world attention is on the WC final in South Africa, American baseball fans are getting ready for the 2010 MLB All-Star Game scheduled for this Tuesday night. This exhibition is one of the most watched sports events in the United States, and it is expected to do well inspite of possible hangovers from the WC final. I won’t be watching the game, but I predict the National League will beat the American League in a close game.

2010 World Cup final is set!

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It’s official! The final of this year’s World Cup will be between two perennial underachievers, Holland and Spain. I will be a neutral spectator as all of my favorite teams have been eliminated. I predict the final will be a close contest with Spain narrowly edges the Orange Army for the title. May the best team win!


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