In Focus: Japan’s Green Olympics

June 28, 2009 § 8 Comments


In its bid for the 2016 Summer Games, the land of the rising sun unveils an ambitious plan to actualize history’s first Green Olympics. Designed by the famed Tadao Ando, the proposed Olympics stadium is an attempt to recreate Nature’s harmony.

The architecture is intended to be one with nature, literally. The giant solar roof will allow the stadium to operate mostly on solar power. The stadium will be surrounded by thousands of trees and greenery making it truly one with nature. As the planned structure is adjacent to Tokyo Bay, stadium spectators will be able to enjoy melodic waves and pleasant sea breezes in addition to friendly competitions between the world’s greatest athletes.

Chicago is likely to win the right to host the 2016 Games, but Tokyo should be given an award for its creative vision. More images can be found at the official site of Tokyo 2016.

[Simon N.]



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§ 8 Responses to In Focus: Japan’s Green Olympics

  • DarcKnyt says:

    Actually, I rather hope Chicago doesn’t win it. This looks nice and Chicago, frankly, doesn’t deserve it.

  • yayaver says:

    Never have think of sport and go green in same line till now. Great post Simon. Will now dig up archives for more gems.

  • zmanowner says:

    They should base the Olympics on venues that have stuff built for it already or would just need to renavate for them…all these places built stuff for the olympics and the bldgs and stadiums are rusting away and not being used……china – the birdsnest Athens – the swim place…….just a thought from me…Chicago would be a terrific place for them…Jamaica wants the games too ..another great place…zman

  • tobeme says:

    Very cool concept! Thanks for sharing.

  • Mr.R says:

    Japanese never ceases to amaze us ! 🙂 with their hard work , vision and dedication !

  • chicago2016supporters says:

    While the stadium looks amazing, and is a fantastic concept, I doubt the end result would actually look anything like the renders. The stadium also has the potential to go over budget big time just like London’s stadium. The clean up costs alone are going to make this very expensive!

    Chicago stadium plan will truly be revolutionary, especially for cities that do not need an 80,000+ seat stadium.

    Beijing, Athens, Sydney and even Barcelona have had white elephant stadium issues. Chicago – just like Atlanta and Los Angeles will not allow that to be the case.

    • leafless says:

      The success of Chicago 2016 hinges on the U.S. financial situation years from now. Chicago may become another Mexico City if it hosts the games.

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