The Art Critic: Dali’s Sleep

November 21, 2008 § 7 Comments





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§ 7 Responses to The Art Critic: Dali’s Sleep

  • vishesh says:

    true and the bg also is very symbolic 🙂

  • DarcKnyt says:

    Very interesting. I’ve seen this painting before, but I never noticed the extremely tall crutch to the far right of the painting. If this is a complete reproduction, I wonder what the artist was using it for — a simple mechanism to crop the eye to the left side of the canvas? Or something more.

    All I know is I enjoy the expression on the “sleeper’s” face. Reminds me of how I feel when the alarm clock goes off.
    leafless: Actually the extreme tall crutch was in the original painting as well. Of course, the original painting is rarely seen nowadays. It is in a secure vault somewhere.

  • zmanowner says:

    the symbolism is what catches me the most…I agree with darcknyt about the” oh my goodness it’s time to get up look”…Zman sends

  • eunice says:

    it’s interesting. The facial expression tells tat the person is in deep sleep. And it’s really creative to use clutches to depict how fragile one’s sleep is.

  • sugali says:

    The artist had captured and depicted the state of sleep with clarity. It denotes how fragile sleep can be.

  • spellspy says:

    The ‘caricature in surgery’; i relish lookiing at it again, as the crutches sleeping, as and as the pleasures of beign pierced; a daliesuqe marvel is a beautiful characterization of naturalism, precise and detailed, and its distortion to amplify the pure aesthetic of sub-conscious and the carnival. What perferction of proportion and distortion, perfectly rational and preposterously Freudian.

    I am renewing my memories on Dali’s Diary.

  • blackmon says:

    very colorful well thought out painting because the lips and eye look as if he is about to wake into a fragile world of reality from this illusion of his dreams.

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