Pick Your Favorites – R11

July 14, 2008 § 9 Comments

–Pick your favorite from each of the following pairs/groups.
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#1 – WordPress vs Blogger


#2 – Hollywood vs Bollywood


#3 – Submarines vs Spacecrafts

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§ 9 Responses to Pick Your Favorites – R11

  • DarcKnyt says:

    Finally! Ones easy enough for my li’l weakling brain to do!

    WordPress, hands-down; Hollywood, no question; submarines, but this was tough. Have always wanted to see the entire floor of the ocean for some reason. While spaceships are awesome and cool, the idea of the ocean’s magnitude is plenty; I don’t need the vastness of space, thanks.


  • PiedType says:

    1. WordPress. I left Blogger and moved to WordPress. Like the interface better and it seems more like a community.

    2. Oops, make that #2 diamonds, a girl’s best friend!

    3. A tough one! I’ve been a fan of subs since I was a kid. But man into space — absolutely glorious! Such a human triumph, and it’s only the beginning.

  • Paradigm says:

    WordPress is free and easy to use. And stumbling through WP and Blogger one can see the difference in quality.

    Hollywood. I don’t like musicals.

    Subs. Space is overrated. It’s just a big void, with a few minerals here and there. And the oceans are equally underrated. Not long ago giant squids were considered folklore and until recently no on had seen one alive. Who knows what’s down there? Maybe intelligent life?

  • Kirsten says:

    WordPress! Bollywood! Submarines!

  • Dexter says:

    I’ve used both WordPress and Blogger(in the past), and I must say I like WordPress more. I have to agree with PiedType there – it does feel more like a community, although I just can’t lay my finger on why that’s so.

    Hollywood, although I don’t watch too many movies anyway.

    There’s no life force in space as far as our ships can reach anyway (from what we know right now, at least), whereas there’s all those marine life under the sea. It’s more interesting observing stuff than observing just an infinite blanket of black in space. That’d be too overwhelming, so yeah, I go for submarines.

  • enreal says:

    1. WordPress… never quite got the jist of blogger
    2. HollyWood… although I know very little of Bollywood
    3. Spaceships… what I would give to fly to the heavens

  • jorgipogi says:




  • shenmue says:

    No idea about blogger and since im using WP so I go for it.

    I am so into movies but I definitely go for hollywood, like paradigm I do not like musicals…

    Submarines, I have always been fascinated and wanted to discover what’s really down there and all those beautiful fish and corals and more!

  • #1. WordPress – it’s much better than Blogger.

    #2. Hollywood – I don’t understand the regional language in which Bollywood movies are made. And most Bollywood movies are of a very poor quality, with everything plagiarised from either Hollywood or from movies made in other Indian languages. Also, quite a few Bollywood movies are financed by terrorists, underworld dons and other shady characters. Some years ago, some Bollywood actors sang songs of praise to India’s most wanted terrorist at his nephew’s birthday party.

    #3. Submarines – I prefer to be under the influence of gravity of dear Mother Earth.

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