Pick Your Favorites – R7

June 16, 2008 § 14 Comments

–pick your favorite from each of the following pairs and explain why.
–previous results

#1 ~ Trains vs Ships


#2 ~ Mail (letters) vs Email


#3 ~ William Shakespeare vs Edgar Allan Poe (‘The Raven’)

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§ 14 Responses to Pick Your Favorites – R7

  • me says:

    Trains – can be as romantic as ships, are more practical and less tedious.

    Letters – no wonder! Handwritings are unique!

    Poe – both are genius, but I prefer Poe’s style.

    I love your “Pick Your Favorite” series! šŸ™‚

  • Paradigm says:

    Trains and e-mail. Boats and letters are far too slow.

    Shakespeare. Never did get Poe.

  • Kirsten says:

    trains: don’t get motion sick on them

    email: as much as I love to get letters, most people I know don’t write anymore

    Shakespeare: for the wider emotional range (plus he was just a better poet)

  • Jacqueline says:

    Trains to ride. Ships are fascinating to watch or read about, but the motion-sickness wards me off.

    Letters–for what they represent.

    Shakespeare or Poe. Difficult decision, but if I had to choose of my own volition, probably Poe.

  • leafless says:

    Trains – I love bullet trains. Taking a peek outside while they are at full speed is priceless.
    Mail – email is good for practical purposes, but I still enjoy writing letters and sending them in the old-fashioned way.
    Shakespeare – a giant among literary giants. The very fact that his works remain relevant, hundreds of years after his death, is very telling.

  • theroadnow says:

    Trains-I’m not too keen on that much water

    Mail- I like that one had to actually choose the paper, pen, envelope, and even the stamp.

    Poe- just seems to have mystery around him

  • eddiebonney says:

    It kind of not easy to pick on both. I mean I would love to get on a train when I’m late, but for a cruise, i think the ship is the best!

    of course i would prefer the email to the letter; but I still love the traditional letter, it’s a writer’s art, a passion to express words on paper.

    Of course I will go for Shakespeare, the guy is my fan. I like his style of writing, not common nowadays, and his themes in his scripts.

  • CuriousC says:

    BOATS! – trains are usually dirty and for transportation and boats are for FUN.

    Snail Mail – personal cards are physical and lasting and have to be waited for building up good anticipation.

    Shakespeare – more universal, amazing far-reaching cultural impact.

  • benafia says:

    Trains can squish pennies into odd long wafers
    while a boat does noting to them. Try it. They just sink.
    Hurray for solid bottoms!

    Letters continue to have that solid quality. They take more effort overall, as if someones feelings or intentions are a little more than click and send. However, bills should be banned no matter how they come. Anything else causing such stress would be assigned with a government warning.

    Shakespeare had a voracious insight into the human condition. His (presumably) perspectives continue to test the literary parameters of word usage as a tool to understanding the human soul, with hardly a dull moment.

  • fireryeyes says:

    Trains- faster, much more practical, cheaper, no cheesy movie made on them, and simply better

    E-mail- much more practical and faster. Mail just piles up and it takes a long time to receive the letter AND an answer. However, getting mail is quite exciting

    Edgar Allan Poe- I love troubled minds and artist… (eg. Van Gogh), and specially when they write great stories…. a genius… actually, I fell in love with his writing when I was introduced to the house story (cant remember the name, but I can rememebr the story clearly… I usually hate desciptive things, but HIS despcription is amazing….
    I should stop speaking gibberish

  • Amy Roskilly says:

    Trains all the way -I’m not good with water!

    Hand written letters -are a beautiful thing, complete with a wax seal, one of my geeky hobbies!

    Ashamed to admit, I’m not a fan of Shakespeare’s writing style but I adore his stories. It’s so easy to think of people from the past as being boring and generic. Shakespeare demonstrates a unique flare coupled with a fantastic sense of humour.

  • teecer says:

    1. Hmm, tough choice. I like trains, although they sometimes have too much stop and go. And boats are pretty good, although I could do without the motion of the ocean. Okay, if I have to pick one, trains.

    2. Mail, hands down. Postcards, especially.

    3. Shakespeare. I like the mysteriousness of who he really was.

  • enreal says:

    Ships, letters and Shakespeare… Love the way those sound together…

  • PiedType says:

    Ships. I like boats and assume I’d like bigger boats. Since childhood I’ve been very uneasy around trains.

    Letters. They’re being killed off by email, but I’ll always prefer the warmth of handwritten words on paper.

    Poe. Shakespeare is beautiful in short bursts, but just too hard to read for pleasure (yeah, I know, I’m lazy)

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