Pick Your Favorites – R6

June 9, 2008 § 15 Comments

=>Pick your favorite from each of the following pairs and explain why.

Last time: Cats, Tea (by the slightest margin), & Van Gogh came out on top. Conclusion? Grace & convention won the day. Let see how this round will turn out.


#1 – Apples vs Oranges


#2 – Mac vs PC


#3 – Mahatma Gandhi vs Mother Teresa

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§ 15 Responses to Pick Your Favorites – R6

  • theroadnow says:

    I like oranges best, I enjoy eating them skin and all.

    Pc over Mac, only because I have not used Mac. But Windows Vista sucks.

    Mother Teresa over Gandhi. he is just too freaky looking.

  • steve says:

    Oranges, better tasting and more pleasing to the eye
    PC – Never used a Mac, if its not broke dont fix it
    Mother Teresa and Ghandi- cant really compare they both improved the human condition in their parts of the world, both fought for a better life for all..people are tough to compare especially those two

  • misterbooks says:

    Ok, time to play;
    Apples for me, because they are more filling.
    PC because it’s the easiest stuff to find, and my wife says so!
    Last one is difficult. Both are beautiful, but I am more of a generation that relates to Teresa, but I love Gandhi’s words……
    I’m going to have to go with Mother Teresa, just because I identify with her a little smudging more.

  • leafless says:

    Apples – good antioxidant.
    PC – I have heard good things about the Mac, but have never actually used it. Too lazy.
    Mother Teresa – both were incredible individuals. The impact of Mother Teresa went beyond India; she was a more global figure.

  • Morgan says:

    Apples, because I like their tartness and crunch. (More fun to cook with, too.)

    PC, because I grew up with it, and I’m relatively good at making it work.

    Mahatma Gandhi, because he helped many people, even those he could not see. This was a hard choice, because Mother Teresa did so much for the world as well, but in terms of overall effect, Gandhi has my vote.

  • deepsm25 says:

    Dear leafless,

    My Take would be as below :

    I like both Apples and Oranges. However I would like to Eat apples more often and Drink Orange juice, so both of them have an important place in my life – just that in different form 😉

    Mac and PC – wow. I am a complete gadget freak and currently use a PC. But I enjoy trying out new technology and gadget – so for this time, I will go in for the MAC.

    And Mother Teresa for me wins hands down.

    Really Interesting…made me really think about what I like as well. Cheers!

  • alexandra says:

    Apples. Local food in New England
    Mac. Vista is horrible (but I use office for MAC)
    Gandhi. He spun the cotton for his clothes. I spin and knit from my own flock of Merinos.

  • Kirsten says:

    Hi, I just wandered over from MadSilence. Can I play, too?

    Oranges (love, love, love citrus in general)

    Macs (purely on an aesthetic level–haven’t actually used one since my Apple IIe!)

    Gandhi (flipped a coin)

  • Paradigm says:

    Haven’t you heard that apples and oranges are incompatible? Still, I vote for apples. Tastes better and not as messy to eat.

    PC. Mac has become too snobbish.

    Gandhi. Charity will only go so far. If you want to help people you need to reform society. Gandhi had the balls and brains to do just that.

  • enreal says:

    I wonder if these questions reveal something of our personalities. I always think of the reasoning behind my decisions and try to discover a line of reasoning or subconscious decision… either way it is fun…

    1. Oranges…
    2. I am a Mac… I converted 2 years ago… I love them…
    3. This is a tough one… they both represent two ideologies, both of which I would love to achieve. Since I have to pick… Mother Teresa… I suppose part of me sees purity and light… then again Gandhi was one of the deepest spiritual thinkers, He saw what one strives there whole lives to merely glimpse… this one is a tie 😉

    Loved this!

  • #1. Oranges – Though I like apples, I love orange juice.
    #2. PC – I have never used a Mac.
    #3. Mother Teresa – This is a really tough one, as both have done great things for my country (though Mother Teresa was from Albania/Macedonia), so there is no particular reason for my choice.

  • cymbria says:

    1) Oranges – because the first bite of an apple can never be as satisfying as the first juicy bite of an orange

    2) PC – because they’re compatible with everything, including me!

    3) Mother Teresa – because Gandhi did everything for his fellow citizens, but let his family come second

  • thiamere says:



    -> apples – as the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”

    -> pc – coz its what i have as of the moment…hehe

    -> mother theresa – my mom is a great fan of her. such an incredible & wonderful individual..but then again..so is gandhi….

    ill be looking forward for your next entry!
    have a great day!

  • redstarcafe says:

    Oranges, because they sting like summer rain on our uplifted faces.

    Mac, because of its wickedly effective marketing.

    Gandhi, because peaceful resistance is a weapon against injustice.

  • PiedType says:

    Here I am, late again. Time goes by so fast! Sorry to mess up your totals.

    Oranges – so sweet, so juicy, so sunny. Love em anytime. Apples are only a sometime thing for me.

    PC – I might have chosen Mac if I’d ever used one, but it’s been PC for me since Day One

    Ghandi – had a more universal appeal to peace, with less emphasis on religion, per se

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